Keep the lettuce or celery to be used for salads in a cool place, and do not add it till shortly before it is to be served, or it will be wilted.

Never attempt to make salad dressing in a hurry, for it cannot be hurried without spoiling it, but it will be facilitated if the ingredients, bowl and fork are very cold, and it is mixed in a cool place.

Use none but the best olive oil. In mixing put in the dry things first, then the oil, and lastly the vinegar. The oil must be added very slowly, a drop at a time, and it will work in more smoothly and be less likely to curdle if a few drops of vinegar are alternated with the oil after the first few drops of oil are mixed in. Beat all very smooth before adding the vinegar.

N. B. If the oil should curdle from putting it in too fast, stop at once. Beat the yolk of an egg in a clean bowl, and add to it very gradually the curdled Mayonnaise.

A salad for tea is very appetizing, and this is a good way to use up what is left of roast turkey, veal, and many kinds of vegetables.

Boiled Salad Dressing. (Without Oil.)

6 eggs, beaten light.

1 pint vinegar.

2 tablespoonfuls salt.

2 tablespoonfuls pepper.

2 small teaspoonfuls mustard.

12 tablespoonfuls cream.

Mix all together in order; put it in a pitcher, or bowl, set into boiling water on the stove; stir constantly, so that it will not curdle. When as thick as custard, remove at once and pour it into a cold vessel until ready to use. It should be perfectly cold before mixing with the salad.

Enough for two chickens.

If there is no celery in the salad add nearly a bottleful of celery salt to the dressing. For a family of five, use one third of everything, as this makes a large quantity.

Sidney Smith's Salad Dressing

1 hard-boiled egg, yolk only, cold.

1/4 tablespoonful dry mustard.

1/2 saltspoonful red pepper.

1 teaspoonful salt. 1/2 teaspoonful sugar.

1 medium-sized boiled potato,

hot. 3 drops vinegar. 6 tablespoonfuls good oil. 3 tablespoonfuls vinegar.

Rub the egg very smooth with the mustard, pepper, salt and sugar. Then rub in the potato, using the flat of the spoon, till no lumps are left. Stir in three drops vinegar; then very slowly the oil; lastly add the vinegar.

This makes enough for five persons. If you want a smaller quantity, put less mustard, oil, and vinegar. It is best to make it an hour before needed.

This salad dressing is good for any kind of salad, particularly lettuce. Sidney Smith's original rule was written in rhyme, but I think it more explicit given in this way.

Salad Dressing To Keep A Week

6 tablespoonfuls hot mashed potato. 2 tablespoonfuls dry mustard. 1/2 teaspoonful salt.

1/2 teaspoonful cayenne pepper. 4 eggs (beaten light). 3 tablespoonfuls salad oil. 3 tablespoonfuls vinegar.

Add the dry things to the potato while hot. Then stir in the eggs. Add the oil drop by drop, stirring well, and mixing in a few drops vinegar after putting in a few drops of the oil (to make it work in more smoothly). Lastly, stir in the vinegar. Then put in a wide-mouthed bottle and cork till wanted.