Ham Salad

Chop fine cold boiled ham. Pour a "Salad Dressing" over it, and serve in a dish lined and ornamented with lettuce leaves.

Another Way is to season the chopped ham with pepper and mustard. Then mix it with the following dressing while it is hot. When all is cold, serve with a border of lettuce leaves, sprinkled with vinegar.

1 pint tomato-juice.

1 tablespoonful cornstarch.

Butter size of a nutmeg.

Boil the tomato-juice, and thicken with the cornstarch. Then stir in the butter till dissolved.

Salmon Salad

Boil a piece of salmon. When cold, remove skin and bones, and cut into pieces two inches square. Season each one with a sprinkling of salt and pepper, a few drops of oil, and plenty of vinegar. Cover them, and let them stand two hours or more. Line a salad-bowl with lettuce leaves; put in the salmon, interspersed with lettuce leaves, and pour over all a "Mayonnaise Dressing."

Sprinkle capers over the top, or garnish with slices of lemon, cut in quarters. Serve before the lettuce wilts.

Fish Salad

Just like "Salmon Salad," or the fish may be flaked. This is a good way to use remnants of fish. If you cook fish expressly for salad, cut it into cubes before boiling. Place them in a wire basket to boil, as thus they will keep their shape better. Put the basket into cold water with a teaspoonful of vinegar, and salt added, and boil about ten minutes from the time it begins.

Lobster Salad

Get a hen-lobster, so as to have coral for garnishing. See To Prepare Lobster. Cut the meat very small, mix with it a good "Salad Dressing," and arrange in a salad-bowl, with lettuce leaves lining the dish, the crisp inside ones being mixed with the lobster. Garnish with the coral cut fine, and the small claws, and add the whites of hardboiled eggs cut into rings. (Use the yolks for "Veal Stew.") Serve as soon as possible.

If canned lobster is used, drain it thoroughly before using.

Shrimp Salad

This is made of canned shrimps, with dressing arranged prettily with lettuce, like Lobster Salad.

Potato Salad

Slice cold boiled potatoes, and shave two or three raw onions. Mix gently (by tossing with a fork) with any rich " Salad Dressing," and arrange on a platter with capers dotted over the top, or rings of lemon peel. Garnish with parsley if you can get it.

A few cold boiled beets or carrots mixed with the potato vary this pretty salad agreeably Some add a little curry powder to the dressing.

Summer Salad

Cold peas, string beans and beets or young turnips (previously boiled) make a good salad, and form an eco nomical dish for tea if you use what is left from dinner. This is a favorite salad with the French. Pour any good "Salad Dressing" over the vegetables, and arrange tastefully on a platter. It is a great improvement to mix with them a little ham, chopped.

Tomato Salad

Skin fresh tomatoes without scalding them. Cut in thick slices and pour a rich "Salad Dressing" over them Set on ice a few minutes, and serve.

Or serve round tomatoes whole (but peeled) and allow each person to help himself to dressing from a glass bowl. This is very pretty.

Lettuce Salad

Break a head of lettuce from the stem, and wash thoroughly as the leaves are apt to be infested by insects. Then break the larger leaves in two or three pieces (on no account chop them), and mix in a salad-bowl with a nice "Salad Dressing." Do not prepare it till just before dinner, or it will wilt. Indeed the best way to serve lettuce is to arrange the leaves (whole) like a big bouquet, and serve the dressing separately. This ensures the lettuce being crisp, besides making a pretty looking dish.

If you want it still prettier, ornament the dish with nastunium-blossoins, which may also be eaten.