Old Turnips. Wash, peel, and lay in cold water for an hour. Then put into cold salted water over the fird two and a half hours before dinner. When tender, drain well, and mash with a potato-masher, adding a little butter. Smooth the top when dished, and put dots of pepper over the surface.

Old turnips have so rank a taste that it is a vast improvement to this dish to mix with it half as much mashed potato. What is left over, fry, like "Potato Balls."

Young Turnips. Scrape and lay in cold water half an hour. Then boil three quarters of an hour in salted boiling water. When tender, drain off the water, and pour on enough milk to cover them. When it boils up add a little flour, rubbed smooth in cold milk, and a large lump of butter.

Turnips will not give out a disagreeable odor while cooking if boiled slowly and a lump of charcoal is boiled with them, or a small piece of a ripe red pepper.