Meat Pie

Any kind of meat will do, either that which has been already cooked, or raw meat, the cheaper cuts of veal or beef being preferred. Cut them into slices of convenient size for helping, and if raw parboil them. Put them into a deep pudding dish, with water enough to nearly half cover them, and gravy, if you have it. Dredge in a little flour and lay on a few bits of butter. Add sliced potato if you like, or hard-boiled eggs sliced.

Make either a "Crust for Meat Pies" or a "Potato Crust." Roll it out about one inch thick and lay it on top of the pie. Make a deep slit in the middle to allow the steam to escape. Bake in a rather hot oven for about three quarters of an hour.

A few raw tomatoes are an improvement.

Beefsteak Pie

This is a good way to use a tough steak. Cut the meat in large squares, crack the bone, and parboil in cold water for about twenty minutes. (If allowed to boil fast the meat will be more tough, rather than less so.) Proceed as with "Meat Pie," using the water in which the beef was boiled.

Chicken Pie

Boil two chickens in hot water (barely enough to cover them) forty minutes. Skim occasionally, take them out of the water and joint them as for "Fricasseed Chicken." Put them in a deep pudding dish. Sprinkle thickly with flour, salt and pepper and lay on bits of butter rolled in flour. Pour in enough of the water in which the chickens Were boiled, to cover them. Lay on a "Crust for Meat Pies," rolled an inch thick. Cut a deep slit in the middle. Bake in a moderate oven one hour.

Rabbit Pie

Cut a pair of rabbits into pieces of a convenient size.

Parboil in cold water enough to cover them. Skim well.

Then proceed as with "Chicken Pie," adding bits of salt pork.

Quail Or Pigeon Pie

Make like "Chicken Pie," but boil them only ten minutes. Cut each pigeon into four pieces, but use quails whole. Bake three quarters of an hour in a rather hot oven.

If you like, lay a tender beefsteak in the bottom of the dish.

Mock Squab Pie

Slice a few apples, and lay them in layers with mutton chops in a deep dish. Shred onion and sprinkle a little sugar over each layer of chops. Add half a cupful of water or gravy. Lay a "Crust for Meat Pies" over the top, cut a slit in the middle, and bake in a moderate oven for one hour.

Chicken Or Veal Pot Pie

Cut up and parboil a large chicken, or two pounds of veal. Butter very thoroughly a pot and line sides and bottom with paste (see "Crust for Meat Pies"), cutting out pieces on the sides of the pot in such a way as to prevent thick folds. Put in a layer of chicken; flour, salt and pepper it, and add a little butter. Do this until you have used all the chicken, or the pot is full. Pour in enough liquor in which the chicken was boiled to half fill the pot.

Cover with a thick layer of pastry, making a slit in the middle for the escape of the steam. Heat slowly and boil one and a half hours, watching that it does not burn. If more liquor is necessary pour it in through the slit. When done, invert the pot into a large dish, so that the lower crust will be on top.

It may be made without the lower crust, which some persons consider unwholesome.

Bits of salt pork may be used instead of butter; they will give an excellent flavor.