Quail On Toast

Clean and cut the quail down the back. Salt, pepper and dredge them with flour. Break the breast and back bones, so that they will lie flat. Then place them in a pan, with a very little water and butter. Cover tight, and set in a very hot oven, till nearly done. Have ready some hot butter in a frying-pan. Fry the quail a few minutes until brown. Line a platter with buttered toast. Put the quail on the toast. Make a sauce to pour over it, as follows:

Put the dripping pan on top of the stove. When the gravy boils, season it, and thicken with "Browned Flour."

Broiled Quail

Split them down the back, and proceed as with "Broiled Chicken." Serve on slices of buttered toast. Put spoonfuls of Currant Jelly on the edges of the toast as a garnish. It may be served without toast.