Roast Mutton Or Lamb

The parts to roast are the saddle and shoulder; and the leg, if not very large. Allow twelve or fifteen minutes to the pound, and as mutton is preferred well done by most persons, do not have the oven very hot at first. Serve with "Gravy," and Currant Jelly.

Serve lamb with "Mint Sauce." Greens are suitable with it.

Boiled Mutton

The leg is the part to boil. Have the butcher cut off the shank bone, so that it will fit well into the pot. Put into salted, boiling water, taking care to have water enough to cover the meat well, and keep it covered all the time, adding boiling water as that in the pot boils down. Allow fifteen minutes to a pound. Boil slowly, without ceasing, till tender when pierced by a fork in the thickest part. Skim the liquor frequently, and save it for broth. Serve with the mutton "Caper Sauce," or "Drawn Butter."

Mutton Cutlets

Trim them well and broil or fry like "Veal Cutlets." Serve with or without "Tomato Sauce."

Mutton Or Lamb Chops

These may be broiled or fried. If fried, be sure and not wash them, or they will be tough. Trim neatly and scrape the bone. Dredge the chops with flour, and fry them slowly with a few slices of salt pork. Move them about often in the pan to prevent their sticking. In about five minutes turn them and season with pepper and a very little salt. When the thickest part can be easily pierced with a fork they are done. Lay them on a hot platter. Pour half a cupful of boiling water into the frying-pan, and dredge in flour slowly, till thick enough for gravy, and pour over; or serve with "Tomato Sauce." "Egg-and-crumb" them, if you like, before frying, and instead of serving with gravy, stack them around a high mound of mashed potato.