Vegetable Soup

2 potatoes.

1/2 a small turnip.

2 medium-sized carrots.

1 large onion (minced).

1 stick celery (minced).

1 quart water.

2quarts rich "Stock." Pepper and salt.

Grate fine the potatoes, turnip and carrots. Put them with the onion and celery in the water, and boil slowly for one hour from the time they begin to boil. Then add stock and seasoning, and boil all together about twenty minutes. Serve without straining out the vegetables.

Or, the vegetables may be sliced, and all boiled together with the stock for one and one half hours. Strain and serve.

Okra Or Gumbo Soup

2 tablespoonfuls lard. 2 teaspoonfuls flour. 1 good fat chicken. 1 thick slice ham. 1 onion (chopped fine).

1 handful parsley (chopped). Plenty of okra (sliced thin). Boiling water. Salt and pepper (cayenne).

Put the lard into the soup-pot. When very hot, stir into it the flour. Have ready the chicken, cut into pieces, and the ham, cut small. Put them into the boiling lard, and fry them to a light brown. While they are frying add the onion and parsley.

Put in the okra when the chicken is partly done, and fry with the rest till it is dissolved. Then add the water; the quantity depending upon the quantity of okra used. Season well. Stew gently for three hours.

To vary the Soup, add tomatoes sometimes; or oysters (as many as you like) with their liquor, or three or four crabs, broken in pieces.

Mock Bisque Soup

1/2 can tomatoes (or 1 pint raw tomatoes).

1 quart milk.

1/3 cup butter.

1 tablespoonful cornstarch.

1 teaspoonful salt.

1/2 saltspoonful white pepper.

Stew the tomatoes soft enough to strain easily. Boil the milk in a double boiler. Cook a tablespoonful of butter and cornstarch together in a small sauce-pan, adding enough of the hot milk to make it pour easily. Stir it carefully into the boiling milk and boil ten minutes. Add the remaining butter in small pieces and stew till well mixed. Add salt and pepper, and the strained tomatoes.

If the tomatoes are very acid, add half a saltspoonful of soda before straining. Serve very hot.

More tomatoes can be used, but it is more delicate as above.

Potato, Or Lenten Soup

12 large potatoes pared.

1/2 cupful butter, nearly.

1 medium-sized onion.

1 quart new milk.

1 pint potato-water. 1 1/4 tablespoonfuls salt. A sprinkling of pepper.

One and one half hours before dinner put on the potatoes to boil.

One half hour before dinner put the butter into the soup-pot on the stove. When hot add the onion, sliced very thin, and fry it till of a delicate orange color (about fifteen minutes). While the onion is frying, drain the water from the boiled potatoes. Save it, and mash the potatoes. When the slices of onion are done, pour on them the milk, and one pint of the potato-water. Let all come to a boil. Mix two full cupfuls of the hot mashed potatoes till smooth in the boiling soup. Boil all together for a few minutes, stirring constantly; season and dish.

Cold mashed potato (left over) may be used, but it is harder to work smooth.

Let the name of this good soup deter no one from trying it. It is easily and quickly made (which cannot he said of all soups), and will soon become a favorite with housekeepers, especially in cases of emergency. Enough for a family of six or seven.