How To Open Lobsters

The best time of the year for lobster, is when oysters are out of season ; that is, late in spring, and through the summer. Buy a lobster already boiled, and as fresh as possible. The heaviest are best. If the tail springs back after pulling it, the lobster is good. To open a lobster, cut the body the entire length on the under side, with a sharp knife. Throw away the head, which contains a poisonous matter, and carefully extract the poisonous vein which passes from it through the body, carefully examining the green fat to see that there is none of the poisonous vein left in it. Remove also the hairy appendages at the side. The rest of the lobster is all good. If the lobster shell is not to be used, the quickest way to extract the meat is to crack it with a hammer, using the claws as well as the large shell.

A Simple Way To Serve Lobster

Put the meat from the body in the centre of a platter, and that from the large claws at each end of the dish. Arrange the small claws in the shell, around the edge. Garnish with parsley or lettuce leaves, and pass lettuce around with it. Serve with a "Salad Dressing" poured over it, or passed around with it. Or serve simply with vinegar, salt and pepper.

Devilled Lobster Or Crab

After taking the meat out of the shells chop it fine, and mix with it a little salt and red pepper, and plenty of butter. Scrub the shells, fill them firmly with the mixture, sprinkle the top with fine bread or cracker crumbs, and bake in a hot oven till nicely browned. Serve hot, in the shells.

Another way is to add to the meat before seasoning, one third as much of fine crumbs as you have meat. Add one egg, beaten a little; and chopped parsley if you like.