Boiled Ham

Soak in cold water over night, changing the water once or twice. Then wash, rubbing very hard. Put into a large pot of cold water. Cover and simmer slowly, taking care to keep the meat covered with water. Allow for cooking about twenty minutes to the pound. A ham should be very thoroughly done, yet should not be boiled so long as to separate the meat from the bone. Skim carefully while boiling. When a fork will pierce easily through the thickest part, it is done. Let it remain in the pot until cool. Then skin it. Cover with spots of pepper at uniform distances, and twist a fringed paper around the bone.

Glazed Ham

Boil a ham as above and remove the skin. Wash the surface with a beaten egg. Moisten one cup powdered crackers thoroughly with milk. Add one teaspoonful of melted butter, and work the whole to a paste. Spread this evenly and thickly over the ham. Brown delicately in a slow oven.

Best Way To Cook A Ham

Boil as above, but take it out when half-done, or at the end of three hours, and remove the skin. Cover the fat side with powdered cracker, which will adhere better if the surface is first rubbed with egg. Then put it in a dripping-pan in a moderate oven for the rest of the time. The baking roasts out a great deal of the fat, and leaves the meat much more delicate. Do not bake it so long as to make it dry, or cause it to separate from the bone.

Save the fat in the pan for frying potatoes. The ham bone should be saved to boil with soup. Chop the meat left on the bone for sandwiches.

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