2 pounds veal steak.

1 small potato sliced.

2hard-boiled eggs (may bd omitted).

1 cupful milk.

Salt and pepper to taste.

2table spoonfuls of flour.

Cut the veal into lumps. Put it into a skillet with but just enough cold water to cover the meat. Put in the potato. Cover the skillet and stew gently nearly half an hour, taking care that the water does not boil away. When the meat is tender take it out, and add the milk to the broth. Rub the flour smooth in a little cold milk. Pour into the broth when the latter is boiling again. Season with butter, salt and pepper. Slice the eggs and put into the broth, let all boil up once, then pour over the meat and serve hot.

Veal Stew With Dumplings

2 pounds veal.

1 quart flour. 3 teaspoonfuls baking powder. 1/2 teaspoonful salt.

Cut the veal in pieces, put it on to stew in cold water, enough to more than cover it. Do not let it boil fast. When actually boiling, drop in with a spoon a spoonful at a time, a mixture made as follows: stir into the flour the baking powder and salt, with enough cold water to make a stiff dough. The water should be put into the batter gradually, stirring all the lumps out as you proceed. Boil twenty-five minutes after the dumplings are put in, without stopping, and without removing the lid from the kettle. Eat at once, as the dumplings become heavy by standing long.

Knuckle Of Veal Stew

2 small knuckles veal. 4 quarts water.

4 or 5 eggs, boiled hard, yolks only (may be omitted).

1/3 cupful butter, or less. "Browned Flour." Cloves and mace. Salt and pepper.

Boil the veal very gently in the water. When it begins to boil, skim it well. When thoroughly cooked, take from the pot, and cut it from the bones in small pieces. Rub the yolks smooth with the butter and several spoonfuls of "Browned Flour," and add it to the water in which the veal was boiled. When cooked enough, put in the meat with the seasoning. Boil up once and serve.