(A Turkish Dish.)

3 pounds lamb, veal, or chicken. 2 quarts cold water.

l 1/2 cupfuls raw rice (washed). Pepper and salt.

Buy pieces from the neck, shank, rib, or any odd cheap pieces. Each piece should be cut of a size to help to one person without cutting at the table. Put the meat on to boil without removing either bones or fat. Boil slowly, covered. Do not fill up the pot as the water boils down.

When it has boiled for one and a half hours, add pepper and salt, and put in the rice soaked for half an hour. Let all boil together till the rice has absorbed all the broth, probably for half an hour. Boil more and more slowly toward the last, and stir often to prevent its burning. Add a little hot water, if the broth is absorbed, before the rice is done. When ready to serve, remove any ill-looking bones, and lay the pieces of meat on a hot platter, with the rice laid over and around them.

A cheap and delicious dish, for breakfast, luncheon, or a plain dinner.

Curried Pilau

Make "Pilau," and shortly before serving, sprinkle into the rice half a teaspoonful curry powder, or more, if you like it. This will be enough for most American palates. Stir well and dish.

A more economical way (which yet furnishes a good dish) is to use meat and rice already cooked. Joint or cut it into large pieces, and boil with it whatever bones you may have. They can be removed at the last, and they furnish a good deal of richness to the broth.