Venison Steak (Broiled)

Heat a gridiron and butter it. Lay the steaks on it, over a clear, hot fire. Turn them often (without piercing them with a fork, so as not to lose the juice) and do not let them dry out. Cook about fifteen minutes. Lay in a hot dish; sprinkle at once with pepper and salt, and put fine shavings of butter over the top. Pour over all "Currant Jelly Sauce" or a little melted Currant Jelly. Add to the latter one or two tablespoonfuls of wine, if you have it, but this is not necessary. Some omit even the jelly, using slices of lemon instead.

Another way is, to mix together the jelly, butter and wine, and heat them. Pour them into a hot platter, and lay in the steak when done. Turn it several times, till all is absorbed, then serve on a clean, hot platter.

Baked Haunch Of Venison

Wash thoroughly, and wipe dry. Then rub the whole surface with melted butter. Lay it in a dripping-pan, containing a little beef "stock," or water in which you have boiled the ragged ends of venison, which you have trimmed off one end to give a better shape to the haunch. Dredge thickly with flour, and cover with a buttered paper. Then put it in the oven, which should be pretty hot, and kept steady. Baste it every fifteen minutes, the whole time it is cooking, lifting the paper to do it. When it has been in one hour, increase the heat, and take off the paper. Flour it thickly, and cover the top with thin slices of salt pork held in place by skewers. One half an hour before serving add a large lump of butter to the gravy; remove the pork, baste the meat, and sprinkle the top with pepper and salt. Dredge with flour, and after this baste about once in eight minutes. The length of time required for cooking depends upon the size. A good rule is fifteen or twenty minutes to the pound. Serve it with a frill of fringed paper twisted around the knuckle.

Have ready a "Gravy." Put this into a gravy-boat, and serve Currant Jelly also with the haunch.

Some persons cover the haunch with a paste of flour and water when first put into the oven. If this is done, remove it half an hour before serving, and baste often with melted butter after this. It should not be taken from the oven till the thickest part can be easily pierced by a skewer.

Neck Or Shoulder Of Venison

Cook like the Haunch, allowing one quarter of an hour to a pound.

Saddle Of Venison

Make deep incisions, following the grain of the meat from the top. Insert in these long and narrow pieces of pork. Lay the meat in a dripping-pan, and proceed as with beef; but baste oftener, and have the oven hotter. Allow about fifteen minutes to a pound. Serve Currant Jelly with it.