Apple Dumpling

Make " Potato Crust," roll it out one third of an inch thick in the middle, but roll the edges thin, to avoid thick folds of paste. Wring a thick square cloth in hot water; sprinkle it with flour and lay it in a deep dish. Put in it the crust and fill it with sliced apples. Draw the paste together and tie the cloth tightly round it with a strong string. Allow no room for it to swell, and draw the string tight enough to prevent the water from soaking in. Boil a dumpling holding three pints of apple two hours. Then plunge it for a moment into cold water; untie and turn it out on a platter.

Serve hot with sauce.

Light Dough Dumplings

Make very light bread-dough into small balls the size of eggs. Have ready a pot of water, boiling fast. Drop in the dumplings, taking care to have the water more than cover them. Cover the pot, and boil for twenty minutes steadily, without lifting the cover. If it stops boiling for a moment, the dumplings will be heavy.

Serve hot with butter and sugar, for dessert.

Dumplings For Meat

Made like the above, except that you boil the dumplings in the pot with boiling beef.

Serve them around the edge of the platter in which you dish the meat.