Butter bread (a day old) on the loaf. Spread with a little made mustard or "Salad Dressing," if you have any. Cut the bread very thin. When two slices are ready, lay them together, with thin shavings of ham or tongue between. With a sharp knife, cut each sandwich in half.

Another Way is to chop fine, ham, chicken, or tongue, season it highly, and spread on the bread. If you use ham, use a little of the fat with the lean.

Delicious sandwiches and cheaper ones can be made by mincing fine, raw beefsteak. Season only with pepper and salt. These are excellent for invalids.

Rolled Sandwiches

Chop very fine equal quantities of cold chicken and tongue. Add two thirds of teaspoonful of celery salt, a pinch of cayenne pepper, and four tablespoonfuls of "Mayonnaise Dressing." This is enough to season the breast of a large chicken and as much tongue. Spread on very thin slices of bread and butter, from which the crust has been cut off. Roll them up as you would a piece of paper and pile in a plate.

Any sandwiches of chopped meat can bo rolled, if the bread is cut sufficiently thin and the crust trimmed off.