Dolmathes. (A Turkish Dish.)

Rare roast beef, or any cold meat.

Salt. Pepper.

Ground cinnamon. Ground cloves.

Rice, raw and well washed.

Tender grape-leaves.

Mince the meat and season as above. Mix it well with the rice, in proportion one third meat to two thirds rice. Scald the grape leaves, and wrap a little of the mixture in each, to about the size of half an egg. Pin with a locust, or other thorn, if to be had. If not, tie with a thread, and lay them in a skillet. Cover well with boiling water, and simmer one hour. Dish carefully.

Sauce For Dolmathes

A little flour.

Liquor from the skillet.

2 eggs well beaten.

1 or 2 lemons, juice only.

Mix the flour smooth with a little cold water, and stir into the boiling liquor. Then put in the eggs, stirring without ceasing a moment, until cooked and smooth. Add the juice of one or two lemons, according to the quantity, for it must be quite acid, and pour over the dish.

Dolmathes (Varied)

Make as above, but use narrow squashes in place of grape-leaves. Cut off one end of the squash, and remove part of the centre. This is even nicer than the grapeleaves, as they are in this country usually too tough to eat; still, they give a fine flavor. In Turkey a large, tender sorrel-leaf was often used.