Lambs' Tongues With Sauce Piquante

Parboil fresh tongues in salted water. Remove the skin. Dredge with salt, pepper, and flour. Put in a sauce-pan, and half cover with water or stock. Add a small onion, chopped fine, and one teaspoonful of herbs (any kind you like). Stew till tender - about two hours. Serve on a platter, with "Sauce Piquante" poured over them.

Pickled Lambs' Tongues

Boil the tongues till tender. Skin them, but do not cut off the roots. Drop them into cold vinegar with pepper and a few whole cloves, also a little allspice. Let them lie in this at least twelve hours before serving.

Slice the tongues if you prefer.

Calf's Or Beefs Heart

Do not soak, but wash it thoroughly. Then sprinkle with pepper and salt. Fill it with a stuffing. Butter a paper and tie over the top, to keep in the stuffing. Bake in a very slow oven, nearly two hours, having poured one cupful of boiling water in the bottom of the pan. Baste it about once in ten minutes. When tender, take off the paper and lay the heart on a dish. Set the pan on top of the stove and make a gravy to pour over it. Add minced onion to the gravy, if you like, or "Tomato Catsup." An agreeable addition is to lay "Baked Tomatoes" around the dish.


Use only the hind-quarters. Scald them in boiling water; then rub them with lemon juice and boil three minutes. Wipe them; then "egg and crumb" them, and fry till brown, in hot lard and butter mixed.

Mousaka. (A Turkish Dish)

1 egg-plant. Cold meat (beef preferred). Salt and pepper. 1 Cinnamon and cloves. 1 small onion, minced (may be omitted).

1 egg, beaten light.

6 tomatoes.


Slice the egg-plant without peeling, sprinkle with salt, and pile one slice on another. Let them stand one hour to take out the bitter.

Then fry brown to give flavor (no matter whether cooked through).

Chop the meat fine (it should be rare), and season it highly. Add the onion and egg.

Peel and slice the tomatoes. Fill a battered puddingdish with layers of meat, tomatoes, and egg-plant, the last layer on top being of meat. Add all the cold gravy you can get in. If you have not enough to till the dish, put in water. Then bake, covered, two hours, slowly at first; then uncover and brown quickly.

Egg-plant left from a former dinner may be used for this.

(A rich and delicious dish).

Imitation Pate De Foie Gras

Wash and clean a calf's liver. Let it lie in salt and water for fifteen minutes. Boil till tender. Heat it through a coarse wire sieve. Add one tablespoonful melted butter. Season with a little thyme, marjoram, salt and pepper. Pack tight in pots. Cover with lard, and keep in a cool place. It will keep for several days.

To really imitate a Pate de Foie Gras, this should have bits of tongue mixed through it, but it is just as good without.

Devilled Ham Or Chicken

Cold boiled ham. Dry mustard. Cayenne and black pepper.

Butter size of an egg. 1 cupful milk or cream. 1 tablespoonful flour.

Chop the ham very fine, and season with a little mustard and pepper. While doing this, have the frying-pan on the fire to get hot. When ready put the butter in the pan. When hot, put in the ham. Add the milk, and let it cook one or two minutes, stirring all the time. Then stir in the flour, previously rubbed to a paste in a very little milk. When it thickens, remove from the fire.

This will keep for several days in a cold place.