Make a good "Puff Paste." Set it in a cold place, for at least half an hour, to become crisp. Roll it out quickly about one quarter of an inch thick, cut with a biscuit-cutter into rounds. With a smaller cutter cut the centre from two rounds, and place the circles left, on one which is whole. This will make a little hollow dish of crust. Lay them all, when prepared, in a floured baking-tin. Bake them in a quick oven. When lightly browned, glaze them, by brushing each over with white of egg, and return to the oven for a minute.

Pates are filled with various mixtures, and are served hot. They are favorites for luncheon, and are not extravagant, as the remains of almost any kind of meat, game, fish, or oysters, can be served up temptingly in this way by a skilful housewife.

To vary them bake also the rounds cut from the centrd of the pates, and use them for covers when the pates ard served.

Or the crust may be baked in little tins, called patty pans. For filling, use any of the following receipts, or those for croquettes. Set back in the oven till the filling is hot.

Bread Pates

Cut slices of stale bread one inch thick. Cut into rounds with a biscuit-cutter. With a smaller cutter mark a circle within and remove the bread to the depth of half an inch. Dip these into beaten egg. Sift powdered cracker over them and boil in deep lard, delicately brown. Lay them on brown paper to absorb the grease, then arrange upon a hot platter, and fill them with any kind of nicely-seasoned hot minced meat, moistened slightly. Chicken or turkey is best. Serve hot.

These are much more quickly and easily made than ordinary pates, and it is a good way to use up stale bread. The bread that is scooped out should be put into the bread-crumb box.

Fish Pates

Take the remains of baked, boiled, or canned fish of any kind. Prepare as for "Fish Balls;" moisten with melted butter, or egg, or "White Sauce;" season highly with Worcestershire Sauce or any thing you prefer. Fill the "Pates "; set in the oven to get hot, and serve hot.

Squeeze a few drops of lemon over the fish at table from slices of lemon, which should be served with the pates.

Chicken, Or Veal Pates

Prepare the chicken as for "Croquettes". Fill "Pates," and heat through in a hot oven.

These are good cold as well as hot, and are an acceptable addition to a picnic basket.