1 quart milk.

1 tablespoonful prepared rennet.

Mix and leave to stand half an hour in a warm place. Then cut it in all directions with a knife; half an hour later, pour off the whey. Leave the curd undisturbed and more whey will be formed. Nothing can be better than this in cases of inflammation of the stomach. Give a teaspoonful at a time, very often. This will often enable the stomach to retain other nourishment. Excellent for feeble infants.

Wine Whey

1 cupful boiling milk.

2tablespoonfuls sherry wine.


When the milk just reaches the boiling point, add thd wine, but do not stir it. Boil a moment. Take it from the fire gently and let it cool in the same vessel, without any stirring after the wine is put in. When the curd forms, strain off the whey. Sweeten, and serve hot or cold.

Flaxseed Tea

2 tablespoonfuls whole flax seed. 1 pint boiling water.

1 lemon.

2tablespoonfuls sugar.

Boil the flaxseed and water fifteen minutes. Slice the lemon into a pitcher, and add the sugar. Strain the hot flaxseed tea upon it and stir.

Good for a cough or sore throat. Take a drink often. Take it hot a night. Rock-candy is the best sweetening.

Chicken Tea

Pour one pint cold water over a leg and thigh of a chicken. (Use the rest for fricassee.) Let it come to a boil. Add salt, and skim well. Strain.

Irish Moss Lemonade

2 quarts boiling water. 1 handful sea-moss.

2 lemons, sliced. 1/2 cupful sugar.

Put all together in a pitcher, having washed the moss well. Stir, to dissolve the sugar. Let it stand two hours. Take it occasionally for a bad cold, or hoarseness.

Dried Flour Gruel

Tie one cupful of white flour tightly in a thick cloth. Plunge it into boiling water, and boil steadily six hours. Then take it out of the cloth, and let the lump become perfectly dry. Then pare off the outer rind. To use it, scrape off one dessertspoonful, rub it smooth in cold water, and stir into one cupful boiling milk (salted). This is for diarrhoea, or for teething children.

Egg-No Egg

Beat the yolk of an egg with one teaspoonful sugar, in a tumbler. Add half a cupful of milk. Add one or two tablespoonfuls of wine, whiskey, or rum, and stir in lightly the white of the egg (beaten stiff). Cover with grated nutmeg. If the patient cannot take milk, prepare the egg without it, or as below.

Egg Lemonade

Beat the yolk and white of one egg separately. Then beat them well together. Make half a tumblerful of strong lemonade, well sweetened, and stir thoroughly into the beaten egg.

Mulled Jelly

Beat one tablespoonful red or black currant-jelly with the white of an egg and a little sugar. Pour over it a small cupful of boiling water. Break a cracker in it, or a thin slice of toasted bread.

Ice-cold water (if allowed) may be poured over beaten jelly and egg instead of boiling water.