This is a process but little understood, though used extensively by those who know least about cooking. The most necessary point is the one they will not attend to, and that is, to have the frying-pan and the grease hot when the thing to be fried is put in. Then, it will not be greasy. Use only enough fat to keep from burning whatever is cooked in it.

Butter, beef-dripping, lard and salt pork are all used for frying. The former does not give so rich a brown as the others, and is, beside, too costly for ordinary use. Beef-dripping is cheaper than lard, and just as good, if not better. Salt pork should be cut in rather thin slices, and taken out when the grease is extracted from it, before putting in what you wish to fry. Salt Pork is cheap, and gives a delicious flavor, peculiarly suitable to certain things, such as fish-balls. When you fry in it, do not use much salt in seasoning.