Save all the fat from beef, raw or cooked. Cut it in small pieces. Put it in a frying-pan with but just enough water to keep it from burning. Put it over a slow fire; stir occasionally and let it all melt. Then simmer about five minutes. Throw in two or three slices of raw potato to clear it, and leave it five minutes more. Set it off the fire to settle; then strain it into jars. "When cold, cover tight, and set in a cold place. It will keep a long time if covered again every time you dip from it.

Beef suet chopped and freed from fibre, may be prepared in the same way. Some persons buy it for the purpose.

It is both cheaper and more wholesome than lard.

How To Chop Suet

Cut it apart; free it from strings, and scatter flour over it. it. Then chop very fine. The flour will prevent the pieces from adhering together.

How To Thicken With Flour

Rub a little flour to a smooth paste with enough cold water (or milk) to cover it. Pour it when smooth into the soup, or whatever you wish to thicken, when that is boiling. If these rules are not attended to the flour will lump.

Corn starch should be treated in the same way.

A little flour may be dredged into boiling liquor, without lumping, if sprinkled in slowly while stirring fast.

If butter is to be added with the flour, it need not be moistened. Simply rub the flour and butter together and stir in. A better way, though more troublesome, is

How To Make A Roux

Put some butter in a pan. When it bubbles, sprinkle in dry flour. Stir briskly and constantly till the flour is cooked, but do not let it brown (unless you want to color what you are cooking). Pour a little of the hot sauce on it, and mix well before stirring in to the whole.