Nasturtium Salad

1 head lettuce French dressing

1 tablespoon nasturtium seeds Nasturtium blossoms

Wash the lettuce and place it in a bowl; scatter the seeds over the top; cover with French dressing and garnish with nasturtium blossoms.

Egg Salad

6 hard-boiled eggs 1 head lettuce

Mayonnaise dressing

Cut the whites of the eggs into rings and arrange them on the lettuce leaves; sift over them the yolks, using a fine wire sieve. Serve with Mayonnaise dressing.

Potato Salad No. 1

4 boiled potatoes French dressing

1 chopped onion Lettuce

1 hard-boiled egg

To make the best salad do not use left-over potatoes, but boil them freshly, removing them from the water the moment they are tender. Slice carefully; mix with the onion and French dressing and serve on lettuce leaves garnished with slices of hard-boiled egg.

Potato Salad No. 2

4 boiled potatoes Mayonnaise dressing

4 hard-boiled eggs Lettuce

1 tablespoon chopped parsley

Boil the potatoes, removing them from the water as soon as they are tender; slice and mix with the eggs, finely chopped, and the

Mayonnaise. Serve on lettuce leaves and sprinkle parsley over the top.

Cold Slaw

Select a small, compact cabbage; strip off the outside leaves and cut the head in quarters. With a sharp knife slice very thin; soak in cold water until crisp; drain and dry between clean towels. Mix with hot dressing and serve when cold.

Cold-Slaw Dressing

2 eggs 1 teaspoon sugar

1 cup vinegar tablespoon butter

teaspoon salt

Beat the eggs thoroughly; add the other ingredients and cook all over boiling water until the mixture thickens.

Beet Salads

1. Cut cold cooked beets into half-inch dice; mix with shredded lettuce leaves or watercress, and serve on whole lettuce leaves, covered with French dressing.

2. Arrange alternate layers of cold cooked beets and hard-boiled eggs on a bed of lettuce leaves, and sprinkle over the top a little finely-chopped onion. Serve with French dressing.

3. Arrange alternate layers of cold cooked beets and cabbage, finely chopped and well mixed with Mayonnaise or cooked salad dressing. Serve on lettuce.

Cucumber Salad

2 dozen cucumbers 6 small onions 6 tablespoons salt

1 gill olive oil

1 tablespoon celery seed

1 quart vinegar

Cucumber salad should be made in large quantities, as it will keep indefinitely and is good to serve in emergencies. Peel and slice thin the cucumbers and onions; spread in layers; sprinkle with salt and let stand for several hours. Then drain. Mix the oil and celery seed; add the vinegar, drop by drop, and pour over the cucumbers and onions. Mix well; put into sterilized pint jars; seal and set away in a cool, dark place.

Winter Salad

1 small head lettuce 2 juicy apples

1 lemon cup chopped celery

Mayonnaise dressing

Pare the apples and lemon and cut them into thin slices. Mix thoroughly with the celery and cover with Mayonnaise or French dressing. Serve on crisp lettuce leaves.