Pimiento Bisque

cup rice

3 cups chicken stock

3 pimientoes

teaspoon salt

teaspoon tabasco sauce

Yolk of 1 egg

cup cream

Wash the rice; cook with the stock until tender; press through a sieve; add the pimientoes, likewise pressed through a sieve, and the seasonings. Bring to a boil; add the egg, beaten with the cream, and serve in bouillon cups with Imperial Sticks.

Corn Chowder

1 ounce salt pork

2 potatoes

1 small onion

1 cup boiling water 1 pint can corn 1 pint hot milk

Salt and pepper

Pare and slice the potatoes and onion. Cut the pork into small dice and put over the fire, cooking until crisp and brown; then add the potatoes, onion and boiling water. Boil for one half hour; add the hot milk, corn and seasoning; bring all to a boil and serve.

To Serve With Soup


Cut bread into half-inch slices; remove the crusts and cut into cubes; put in shallow pans and brown in the oven. Buttering the bread will improve the flavor and insure quick browning.

Pulled Bread

Place a loaf of baker's bread in a baking pan and cover it with a tin plate. Let it remain in a moderate oven about twenty minutes, or until heated through; then with a fork remove the crust and tear the soft part into large ragged pieces. Spread these pieces in a pan and place them in a hot oven until crisp and brown.

This is the bread frequently recommended for dyspeptics, but is delicious served in the place of crackers.

Imperial Sticks

Cut stale bread into one-third-inch slices and remove the crusts. Spread both sides thinly with butter; cut into narrow strips and brown in a quick oven. Serve with soup in place of croutons or crackers.