Baked Lentils

1 pint lentils 1 pint water 3 ounces salt pork

small onion teaspoon salt teaspoon pepper

Pick and wash the lentils and soak them in cold water over night. In the morning put them over the fire in a large saucepan with about a quart of water. As soon as the water begins to boil the lentils will rise to the top. Remove them with a skimmer; put them in a deep baking dish with the pork and onion in the center, and pour over them the pint of boiling water, in which the salt and pepper have been mixed. Bake in a moderate oven four or five hours. The lentils must be kept moist and it may be neces-sary to add a little water from time to time.

Baked Beans

1 pint dried beans pound salt pork 1 cup water

teaspoon salt

Dash of pepper

1 tablespoon molasses

Soak the beans over night, adding a little soda to the water. In the morning cook them gently until the skins begin to break; then drain off the water, saving one cup. Empty the beans into a baking dish; bury the pork in them, rind side up, and pour over them the cup of water saved, into which has been stirred the salt, pepper and molasses. If desired, a little mustard or onion or more molasses may be added. Cover the beans and let them bake in a slow oven for four or five hours. Serve with Boston brown bread.

Puree Of Dried Beans

1 pint beans

1 tablespoon butter or drippings

teaspoon sugar

teaspoon salt saltspoon pepper 1 cup hot milk

Cook the beans until very soft; drain well, saving the water, and rub through a puree sieve. Put one pint of the strained beans in a saucepan with the butter or savory drippings and seasoning and add the hot milk gradually until a thick mush is formed. Heap the puree in the center of a hot platter and garnish with fried bacon, sausages or mutton chops.

A soup may be made with the water in which the beans were cooked and the remainder of the strained beans.

Dried peas may be prepared in the same way.

Dried Beans Saute

1 pint beans tablespoon salt

1 tablespoons butter or drippings teaspoon pepper

Soak the beans and cook them until tender but not broken; then drain off the water and save it for soup. Put the butter or savory drippings in a pan over the fire and when hot put in the drained beans which have been seasoned. Cook over a hot fire for fifteen minutes, frequently turning the beans with a fork; then cover and let them cook for half an hour where they will not burn. If desired moist, a half cup of stock, milk or water may be added before putting them to cook for the last half hour.

Beans Mexican

2 cups pink beans 6 cups water 1 small onion

1 tablespoon drippings 1 chile pepper


Wash the beans and soak them in the water over night. In the morning add the onion; boil gently until soft; then drain, saving the water. Put the grease in a large skillet; when sizzling hot add the drained beans and stir thoroughly until each bean seems to have a coating of the fat and begins to burst. Add one cup of the water in which the beans were boiled; gently crush a few of the beans to thicken it; add the remainder of the water, salt to taste and the chile pepper, finely chopped. Simmer until the beans are almost dry and serve.