Panned Oysters Or Clams

Put the oysters or clams into a buttered bag and cook for about fifteen minutes. Add butter and seasoning and serve.

Breaded Oysters

Wash the oysters; dip them in beaten egg; roll in fine bread crumbs; put into a buttered bag with two tablespoons of melted butter; seal the bag and cook in a hot oven for about eight minutes.

Tea Biscuit Corn Muffins Tea Rolls

Tea Biscuit Corn Muffins Tea Rolls

How To Use The Paper Bag

How To Use The Paper Bag

Courtesy of the Union Bag, and Paper Co

Baked Fish In Paper Bag

Clean the fish in the usual way; season and roll in flour or corn meal. Place in a well-buttered bag and bake in a hot oven for about fifteen minutes.

Haddock, cod or small fish are good cooked in this way. Serve with sauce like any other baked fish.

Smelts Sur Le Plat

Clean and wash the smelts; season and roll in flour. Place in a buttered bag with a small onion, a little lemon juice and water and a tablespoon of butter. Cook for about fifteen minutes.

Spanish Mackerel In Butter

Take a choice fillet of mackerel; season and slip into a paper bag. Cover with fresh bread crumbs; pour drawn butter over the whole and cook for twenty minutes. When done, remove to platter; sprinkle with chopped parsley and serve.

Stuffed Fish

Haddock, bluefish, shad and bass are excellent stuffed and baked in paper bags. Make the stuffing in the usual way; stuff the fish and bake in a buttered bag for twenty minutes or more according to the size of the fish.

Roast Quail

Clean the quail thoroughly, cover with thin slices of bacon; season and put in a buttered bag, adding a little butter. Cook for eight minutes.

Roast Chicken

Prepare the chicken as usual; spread over the breast butter or drippings; put in a paper bag; fold in the end and fasten with clips. Cook on a grid shelf in a moderately hot oven for about forty minutes, with potatoes if desired. Serve with a brown sauce made from the juices in the bag.

Chicken Saute

Take the legs and wings of a chicken and season well; add two or three sprigs of parsley, broken into small pieces, and a small onion, chopped. Mix with a tablespoon of butter; put into a bag and cook for twenty-five minutes.

Mutton Stew

2 pounds neck of mutton 1 chopped onion 1 potato cut in cubes 1 carrot cut in cubes

1 tomato sliced Salt and pepper 1 tablespoon flour cup cold water

Cut the mutton into small pieces and mix thoroughly with the other ingredients. Pour into a greased paper bag and cook for about half an hour.

Mutton Cutlets

Cut the best end of a neck of mutton into cutlets; flatten and trim neatly. Season with salt and pepper and place in a well-buttered bag; fold in the ends; fasten with clips and cook in a moderate oven from twelve to fifteen minutes.