Have a punch bowl sufficiently large to hold at least three quarts. Crack eight very fresh eggs and separate yolks from whites. Whisk sharply and beat up yolks in a bowl with eight tablespoons fine powdered sugar, then pour in a pint old brandy, three dashes Jamaica rum and two quarts fresh milk, continually whisking while pouring in milk. When all ingredients are added sharply whisk for two or three minutes. Beat up whites in bowl to a very stiff froth, pour over egg-nog, place bowl in a cool place and serve when desired in fine tumblers.

3270. Montauk Egg-Nogg

Place in a large glass a fresh egg, half tablespoon sugar, a little nutmeg, wineglass brandy and quarter pony Jamaica rum. Fill the glass with milk, shake well, strain into a large glass, twist a piece of lemon over and serve.

3271. Egg Lemonade

Place in a large glass a fresh egg, tablespoon sugar, juice of a sound lemon, fill up balance with water, shake in a shaker with a little ice untiWngredients are well mixed, then strain and serve. This is a delicious summer drink.