3272. Champagne Punch

Prepare one and a half teacups Oolong tea and put aside until cool, but do not place on ice. Pour into a three-quart champagne bowl one pony each eurak, brandy and maraschino, two wineglasses Rhine wine, a bottle cold plain soda and quart champagne. Strain the prepared tea into bowl, thoroughly mix the whole well together with a ladle, then add a lump of clear, clean ice of about a pound. Peel a sound, medium-sized, ripe banana, slice it in thin slices and scatter all over the punch. Neatly peel and slice a fine, juicy orange, spread slices over punch and serve in punch glasses.

3272a. Champagne Punch, Proctor

Place in a two-gallon punch bowl with sufficient ice four large spoonfuls powdered sugar, juice of six oranges, a half pint maraschino, pint each cold English Breakfast tea and brandy, three bottles plain soda and six quarts dry champagne. Stir well with ladle, ornament with sliced pineapple and oranges and serve in champagne glasses.

Claret Punch (see No. 3316)

3273. Punch, Francaise, Hot

Heat in a saucepan on range a pint Jamaica rum, twelve ounces granulated sugar, and stir continually with wooden spoon until reduced to half the quantity. Add the strained juice of three sound lemons and four sweet oranges, set pan on corner of range and keep hot. Have in a well-scalded teapot an ounce green tea, pour over it a pint boiling water and let mfuse for ten minutes, then strain into the rum, etc. Shift pan to a brisker part of range and when coming to a boiling point thoroughly skim, remove, from fire, pour into a punch bowl and serve.

3274. Geerlng Punch

Place in large goblet a half tablespoon fine sugar, the juice of half a sound lemon, half pony yellow chartreuse and a pony glass of Martell brandy, stir well with spoon, add a lump of ice, bottle of Club soda and serve.

3275. Hot Milk Punch

Place in large glass a tablespoon sugar, wineglass brandy (if desired use whiskey) and two dashes of Jamaica or St. Croix rum, fill with boiling hot milk, stir well with spoon, grate a little nutmeg over and serve.

3316. Claret Punch

Place in a two-gallon punch bowl with sufficient ice six tablespoons pulverised sugar, juice of six oranges and nine lemons, a half pint red curacoa, pint brandy, six bottles plain soda and six quarts claret. Ornament with sliced oranges and pineapples, mix thoroughly with ladle and serve in fancy glasses.

3276. Hot Swiss Punch

Place in a copper or tin vessel a half pound granulated sugar, gill Swiss kirsch, two ounces each St. Croix rum and good cognac, light with a match and let burn until sugar is dissolved, then pour over a pint champagne of about fifty degrees (Fahrenheit) temperature. Squeeze in juice of half a medium-sized, juicy orange and add six thin slices pineapple, mix whole well with a ladle, heat, but do not allow to boil, pour into a fancy bowl and serve.

3277. Rickey (Whiskey Or Gin)

Place in medium-sized fizz glass a square piece of ice, squeeze in juice of a good-sized sound lemon, a wine glass rye whiskey or gin and two dashes orange phosphate, fill with carbonated water or soda and serve.

3278. Whiskey Daisy

Place in large glass a half tablespoon sugar, three dashes lemon juice or lime juice, a wineglass maraschino, two dashes raspberry syrup, stir up well, strain, add fruits in season and serve.

3279. Toddy

Place in large glass a lump sugar, the peel of half a sound lemon and dissolve with a little hot water, fill up with shaved ice, add a dash maraschino, wine glass rye whiskey and serve with a spoon.

3280. Hot Apple Toddy

Place in a large glass half a medium-sized, well-baked apple, half tablespoon sugar, a wine glass old apple jack, dissolve well with a little hot water, fill up with hot water, mix well together, grate a little nutmeg on top and serve with spoon.