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Puree Crecy, Faubonne

Salmon, London Style

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Tournedos, Rossini

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Iced Diplomatic Pudding

2009. Puree Crecy, Faubonne

Soak a pint white beans in plenty cold water over night, drain, place in a large saucepan with fifteen scraped, sliced new carrots, two sliced medium onions, one bean garlic, two sliced leeks, half pound raw lean salt pork cut in small pieces, a bay leaf and sprig of thyme. Moisten with two and a half quarts broth, season with a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon pepper, place lid on pan, boil for forty minutes, then set saucepan in oven for forty-five minutes. Remove, press puree through a sieve into basin, then through a Chinese strainer into another saucepan, set on the fire, add one pint broth and half ounce butter, mix well, let boil for five minutes, pour into a soup tureen and serve with a plate of bread croutons (No. 23) separately.

2010. Salmon, London Style

Procure a three-pound piece fresh salmon, tail part, split in two, remove spinal bone, and cut each half into three even strips lengthwise. With a larding needle and thin strips of larding pork neatly lard the surface of each piece, then place fish in a lightly buttered baking dish, larded side up. Season with a half teaspoon salt and three saltspoons pepper, squeeze over the juice of a quarter lemon, pour in one gill white wine, cover the salmon with a sheet buttered paper and set in the oven for thirty-five minutes, then remove. Mix in a saucepan a level tablespoon butter with a teaspoon flour, then strain fish gravy into pan and stir on range until it comes to a boil, pour sauce over fish and serve.

2011. Tournedos, Rossini

Cut from a two-pound piece well-trimmed tenderloin of beef six even slices, trim and neatly flatten them, season with a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon pepper, then lightly baste with oil. Arrange on broiler and broil over a brisk charcoal fire for three minutes on each side, remove and dress on a hot dish over six round pieces freshly prepared toasts. Dip a teaspoon in lukewarm water and scoop six thin pieces of pate de foie gras from a small tureen, arrange a piece on top of each filet, pour a hot Perigueux sauce (No. 677) over the filets, set in oven for two minutes and serve.

2012. Claret Punch

Prepare a lemon-water ice preparation (No. 376). Pour in one gill claret, a saltspoon cinnamon, one gill raspberry syrup and two tablespoons kirsch. Strain the preparation into the ice-cream freezer and proceed to freeze and serve in same way.

2013. Iced Diplomatic Pudding

Cut into small squares one ounce peeled almonds, half a candied lemon peel, two candied apricots, six candied cherries and two sliced candied pineapples; place them in a bowl, add two tablespoons well-picked Sultana rasins, pour in three tablespoons good rum, mix all well in the seasoning and let infuse for an hour.

Prepare three half pints vanilla ice cream (No. 42), add to the vanilla a half pint whipped cream and the infused fruits. Mix well with spatula, place the cream in a dome-shaped quart mould, lay sheet white paper over, cover mould and bury in the tub with broken ice and rock salt for one and a half hours. Remove, dip in lukewarm water for a few seconds, wipe well, then unmould on a cold dish. Mix in a bowl a gill strawberry syrup with two tablespoons maraschino, pour over the pudding and serve.