Radishes (58) Olives

Bisque of Oysters

Planked Shad Sliced Cucumbers

Chicken Saute. Creole

Peas, Francaise (145) Asparagus, Hollandaise

Roast Beef (126)

Doucette Salad (189)

Chestnut Pudding

338. Bisque Of Oysters

Boil in a saucepan one quart and a half water, add forty-eight medium freshly opened oysters with their liquor and let boil for ten minutes; shift the pan to the corner of the range. Have in a small saucepan one and a half ounces butter, add two and a half ounces sifted flour, mix thoroughly with a whisk for a minute, then add three-quarters of a pint hot milk and strain in the broth of the oysters. Season with two light teaspoons salt, two saltspoons cayenne pepper and a saltspoon grated nutmeg. Briskly mix with the whisk for five minutes, then let slowly boil for ten minutes.

Beat up two egg yolks with a gill cold cream and add it to the bisque, adding also half ounce butter in small bits. Place the pan on a table and mix well until the butter is thoroughly dissolved. Cut each oyster in half and place them in a hot soup tureen; then strain the bisque through a clean cheesecloth into the tureen and serve.

339. Planked Shad

Procure a fine, fresh shad of three pounds. Scale, wash well and wipe dry. Cut off the head, as well as the tail, then split it open through the stomach with a knife, without separating. Detach the spinal bone; season both sides with a light tablespoon salt and half teaspoon pepper. Have two tablespoons flour on a flat dish; repeatedly turn over the shad in the flour.

Heat in a large frying pan three tablespoons melted fat or sweet oil, lay the shad in the pan, split side downward, and rapidly fry for five minutes, or until a nice brown. Carefully turn it with a skimmer and fry for five minutes on the- other side. Have a nice, clean oak plank (board), lightly oiled on the surface with a tablespoon oil; then carefully lift the fish with the skimmer, lay it on the plank skin side downward. Spread half a tablespoon melted butter over the shad. Place in a hot oven and bake for twenty minutes. Remove, spread a light maitre d'hotel (No. 7) over. Decorate with quartered lemon and parslev greens and serve on the plank.

340. Sliced Cucumbers

Peel and slice into very thin, even slices two small, sound, young> cold cucumbers. Place them in a small flat glass dish. Season with three tablespoons dressing, as per No. 863. Mix well and serve.

341. Chicken Saute, Creole

Remove the head and legs of a tender two-and-a-half-pound chicken; then cut into twelve even pieces. Heat in a sautoire two tablespoons olive oil, add the chicken; season with a teaspoon salt, half teaspoon white pepper and gently cook for fifteen minutes, or until a nice golden colour, frequently tossing the chicken meanwhile.

Slice rather finely two medium, sound, white onions, two sound green peppers, and twelve very small, round, fresh mushrooms, peeled and thoroughly cleaned, and add all to the chicken. Mix well with a fork and cook on a steady fire for ten minutes, lightly mixing meanwhile. Then moisten with a gill broth, as per No. 701, add four medium, sound, ripe, peeled and seeded tomatoes cut into small pieces; mix well, add one clove finely chopped garlic, one teaspoon chopped parsley and lightly mix. Cover the pan and let cook for fifteen minutes more. Dress on a hot dish and serve.

342. Asparagus, Hollandaise Sauce

Carefully open a quart can fine asparagus. Place in a saucepan with two quarts hot water, not boiling, and a tablespoon salt; warm up for ten minutes; carefully lift with a skimmer, drain thoroughly on a sieve. Then place on a hot dish with a folded napkin and serve with a hot Hollandaise sauce, prepared as per No. 279, served in a bowl separately.

343. Chestnut Pudding

Two ounces raw beef marrow, half ounce remnants cakes or bread crumbs, half ounce butter, one ounce fine sugar, two whole raw eggs, three tablespoons crushed candied marrons (chestnuts), one tablespoon corn flour, two tablespoons picked dried currants and one good tablespoon Swiss kirschwasser.

Pound the marrons to a paste in a mortar, then pass through a sieve into a bowl. Add the butter, briskly stir for six minutes; add the sugar and eggs, one by one; rapidly stir again for five minutes, or until of a creamy consistency. Then add all the other ingredients; thoroughly mix for one minute. Lightly butter six individual pudding moulds. Fill them up with the preparation. Place the moulds in a pastry tin, pour hot water into the tin to half the height of the moulds. Set the tin in a hot oven to steam for twenty minutes. Remove from the oven, unmould on a hot dish and serve with a pineapple sauce separately.

344. Pineapple Sauce

Have two ounces granulated sugar in a saucepan with one and a half gills cold water on a hot range and boil for five minutes, lightly mixing meanwhile. Then add two slices pineapple cut into small dice pieces and boil again for five minutes. Add one tablespoon kirsch; gently mix and serve.