Celery (86) Olives

Potage, Artois

Filet of Bass, Bostonienne

Potatoes, Anglaise (185)

Chicken, Haag

Fresh Asparagus, Hollandaise Sauce

Roast Beef (126)

Dandelion Salad (606)

Chocolate Ice Cream (523)

1382. Potage, Artois

Prepare a cream St. Germain (No. 142), strain through a sieve into a basin, then through a Chinese strainer into a saucepan, adding one pint white broth, with two ounces of raw rice; mix lightly and let simmer for forty minutes, remove, pour into a soup tureen and serve.

1383. Filet Of Bass, Bostonienne

Scale, trim, cut the head off and split in two a fresh three-pound striped bass. Remove the spinal bone, skin it, then cut each half in three slanting equal pieces. Season with a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon pepper, then roll in flour, dip in beaten egg and lightly roll in bread crumbs. Arrange in a frying basket, plunge in boiling fat, fry for ten minutes, take up, drain on a cloth and arrange on dish with a folded napkin. Place six thin slices of broiled bacon (No. 13) over the fish, decorate with six quarters lemon and a little parsley greens and serve.

1384. Chicken, Haag

Singe, draw, cut the head and feet off and truss a fine tender chicken of three pounds. Place it in a saucepan with four quarts water, season with a tablespoon salt, half teaspoon pepper, add three branches parsley, one branch chervil, one bean garlic, two leeks, two branches celery, one bay leaf, one sprig thyme and two cloves. Cover the pan and boil for one hour and twenty-five minutes. Remove the chicken, place on a dish and keep hot. Strain the stock into another saucepan.

Boil three ounces of macaroni in salted water for forty minutes, drain, place in a vessel, mix in an ounce each grated Parmesan cheese and good butter and shuffle the pan. Pound in the mortar an ounce lean raw veal, three ounces lean raw bacon, finely hashed, and an egg yolk. Prepare a roux with one ounce butter and two ounces flour, then moisten with a quart of the chicken broth, mix well until it comes to a boil and let reduce for twenty minutes. Remove and let cool off. Gradually add the force. Season with half a teaspoon salt, a saltspoon cayenne pepper and saltspoon grated nutmeg, adding two egg yolks and briskly mix for five minutes. Lightly butter a two-quart pudding mould, line it all over with the macaroni and spread three-quarters of the force around the macaroni. Cut the chicken into small dice pieces, arrange them in the centre of the mould, place the balance of the force over and cover the mould, place it in a saucepan, pour in hot water to half the height of mould and set in the oven for one and a half hours.

Remove, unmould on a hot dish, pour a Madeira sauce (No. 641) over and serve.

1385. Fresh Asparagus, Hollandaise Sauce

Neatly scrape, cut off the ends of the stalks and wash a large bunch of fresh asparagus, tie them in two bunches and plunge in two quarts boiling water with a tablespoon of salt and boil for twenty minutes. Carefully remove without breaking, dress on a hot dish with a napkin over it and serve with a hot Hollandaise sauce (No. 279) separately.