Mulligatawny, Young Halibut, Bangor (994) Potatoes, Savoyarde (533)

Noisettes of Lamb, St. Germain Asparagus, Hollandaise (342) Roast Ribs of Beef (126) Watercress and Tomato Salad Jelly, Benedictine

2928. Mulligatawny, Young

Cut in small squares a medium onion, two leeks, a green pepper, two ounces raw lean ham, one exceedingly small, peeled, sound eggplant cut in slices and a quarter pound raw lean veal. Place in saucepan with one ounce butter and. gently brown for ten minutes, carefully stirring once in a while. Pour in two quarts broth (No. 701), one quart water and two gills pure tomato juice. Season with a good teaspoon each salt and curry powder, a half teaspoon pepper, and let boil for fifteen minutes. Add two ounces raw rice, six trimmed fresh okras cut in small pieces, one good-sized peeled and cored apple cut in small pieces, a quarter pound seeded California raisins, mix well and let cook for forty-five minutes. Broil six thin slices bacon for two minutes on each side, remove, place on plate and keep at oven door till well dried, then pound them in mortar to a dust, sprinkle in soup, mix well, pour soup into a tureen and serve.

2929. Noisettes Of Lamb, St. Germain

Cut from a leg of lamb six four-ounce pieces, neatly flatten, season all around with a light teaspoon salt and two saltspoons pepper. Place an ounce butter in a black frying pan, and when light brown add noisettes one beside another, gently cook for four minutes on each side, remove and keep hot.

Dress a puree of peas (No. 1473) in centre of a hot dish pyramidlike, arrange noisettes around, pour a gill hot demi-glace (No. 122) over noisettes and serve.

2930. Watercress And Tomato Salad

Plunge four medium, sound red tomatoes in boiling water for one minute, take up with a skimmer, carefully peel, let cool off, then cut each tomato in eight equal sections and place in a salad bowl. Trim off large stalks, remove any stale leaves that may adhere to one large or two medium bunches fresh, green watercress, wash thoroughly, drain well on a cloth, and add to tomatoes. Season with four tablespoons salad dressing (No. 863), mix well and serve.

N. B. This salad should be seasoned and mixed only at the very last moment.

2931. Jelly, Benedictine

Prepare a jelly exactly the same as creme de cacao (No. 678) substituting same quantity of Benedictine for the creme de cacao, and serve in same manner.