Sliced Bananas (151)

Swiss Mush (2564) Eggs, ManceHe

Broiled Sardines on Toast (740)

Calf's Liver and Bacon (155)

Lyonnaise Potatoes (78)

Prussian Cakes (500)

2927. Eggs, Mancelle

Slit on one side eight sound Italian chestnuts, place in oven to roast for twenty minutes, remove, shell and peel. Place in a saucepan with two gills milk, two saltspoons salt and boil on fire until milk is nearly dry, place in a mortar and pound to a paste, then strain through sieve into a bowl.

Boil twelve fresh eggs for eight minutes, remove and plunge in cold water for one minute, take up and shell them, then cut in two lengthwise. Scoop out yolks, add to chestnut puree with a half ounce butter, three saltspoons grated nutmeg and two tablespoons cream. Mix until well thickened, then evenly divide preparation in the twenty-four half eggs, dress on dish, pour a cream sauce (No. 736) over them and serve.


Okra Broth (2115)

Oyster Fritters (1214)

Beef Braise, Mode (534)

Custard Pudding (2464)