Celery (86) Oysters (18) Olives

Potage, Constantinople

Smelts Brochette, Vert-Pre Potatoes, Parisienne (711)

Chateaubriand, Bigelow

Stuffed Eggplants, Marseillaise (2516)

Roast Mallard Ducks, Currant Jelly (307)

Romaine Salad (214)

Vanilla Ice Cream (42)

2924. Potage, Constantinople

Cut in very small square pieces a half pound raw, lean mutton, three chicken livers, a small carrot, a turnip, onion, two branches celery and half a sound, peeled eggplant. Place in a saucepan with an ounce butter and gently brown for ten minutes, stirring once in a while. Moisten with three quarts water, season with two teaspoons salt and one salt-spoon saffron, add one pound mutton or lamb bones to pan and let slowly boil for one hour and fifteen minutes, being careful to skim off fat once in a while. Remove bones, dilute an ounce arrowroot in a bowl with two tablespoons sherry, add it to soup, mix well while adding, boil for ten minutes, pour soup into a tureen and serve.

2925. Smelts Brochette, Vert-Pre

Cut the heads and tails off fifteen good-sized, fresh smelts, cut in half-inch pieces, then cut same number pieces lean bacon as the fish, and exactly same size. Season smelts with a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon paprika, and arrange smelts and bacon alternately on six skewers. Have on plate a tablespoon oil, roll skewers in it, then gently roll in bread crumbs. Arrange on a double broiler, broil on slow fire for eight minutes on each side, remove and dress on hot dish. Pour a vert-pre sauce (No. 184) on a hot dish, arrange smelts over and serve very hot.

2926. Chateaubriand, Bigelow

Neatly trim a little fat from a two-pound piece tender filet of beef. Envelop it in upright position in a towel, then with a cleaver flatten it to one and a half inches in thickness. Mix on a plate a tablespoon oil, teaspoon salt and half teaspoon pepper, repeatedly roll Chateaubriand in it and broil on slow fire for ten minutes on each side. Remove and place the Chateaubriand in a small roasting pan, squeeze over the juice of half a sound lemon, baste with a little melted butter, then set in oven for ten minutes, being careful to baste once in a while, remove and keep hot.

Cut from a sandwich loaf twelve round pieces a quarter inch thick and an inch in diameter and place on a tin. Cut an ounce raw beef marrow in twelve equal pieces, plunge in hot water for three minutes, lift up with skimmer and arrange over the twelve pieces of bread. Sprinkle over a half teaspoon salt, set in oven for eight minutes, then remove. Finely slice twelve canned mushrooms and one small truffle, place in small saucepan with two tablespoons sherry and a gill tomato sauce (No. 16) and let reduce on fire to one-third the quantity. Prepare a Bearnaise sauce (No. 34) and add sauce to it, mix well with a spoon, then pour on a hot dish. Place Chateaubriand over, arrange toasts around, sprinkle a little finely chopped parsley over all and serve.