Oranges (104) Oatmeal Porridge (a)

Eggs Molet, Ravigote

Broiled Fresh Mackerel (388)

Chicken Livers, Saute with Bacon

Baked Potatoes (683)

Kiimmel Cakes (169)

1855. Eggs Molet, Ravigote

Boil twelve fresh eggs five minutes, take up and plunge in cold water for a minute, remove shell, and arrange on a deep dish. Pour a hot Ravigote sauce (No. 366) over the eggs and serve.

1856. Chicken Livers, Saute, With Bacon

Remove the gall bag from twelve fresh chicken livers; wash and drain on a cloth. Heat one tablespoon melted butter in a frying pan, add livers, season with half teaspoon salt and three saltspoons white pepper, briskly fry four minutes on each side. Lift up, place on a dish, arrange six slices broiled bacon (No. 13) over them and serve.


Scallops, Brestoise Mutton Steaks, Plum Sauce

Okra Salad Pancakes, Georgette (517)

1857. Scallops, Brestoise

Place in a saucepan one and a half pounds very fresh scallops with gill white wine, gill water, half teaspoon salt and saltspoon cayenne pepper. Cover pan and boil five minutes. Place a finely chopped white onion in a saucepan with tablespoon melted butter and fry five minutes. Add tablespoon flour, stir well, then strain liquor of the scallops into this pan, mix with a wooden spoon until it comes to a boil. Add three tablespoons fresh bread crumbs, a half bean chopped garlic and a teaspoon freshly chopped parsley; mix well. Finely chop scallops, add to sauce with an egg yolk, sharply mix and cook five minutes. Pour preparation into a dish and let get cold. Divide the scallops into six large scallop shells, smooth surface to dome-shaped forms, sprinkle a little bread crumbs and arrange a few little bits butter over them; place in a tin and bake in oven twelve minutes. Remove and serve.

1858. Mutton Steaks, Plum Sauce

Have three steaks of three-quarters of a pound each cut from a tender leg of mutton; make a few incisions on the skin all around steaks. Neatly flatten, season with a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon pepper. Heat two tablespoons melted lard in a frying pan, place steaks one beside another in the pan and fry six minutes on each side. Remove, place on a hot dish, pour a plum sauce over and serve.

1859. Plum Sauce

Soak a half pound California prunes in cold water eight hours; drain place in a saucepan with a good gill claret, two ounces sugar and two saltspoons ground cinnamon. Cover pan and slowly boil ten minutes; carefully lift up prunes with the skimmer and keep them on a plate until required. Add one and a half gills of demi-glace (No. 122) to the syrup and let reduce on a brisk fire twenty minutes, add prunes, boil five minutes more and use as required.

1860. Okra Salad

Clip off stems from a pint and a half of very fresh, sound, medium okras. Plunge in cold water, thoroughly wash and drain, then place in a saucepan with two quarts boiling water, a teaspoon salt and two tablespoons vinegar. Cover pan and boil thirty minutes. Remove, thoroughly drain on a sieve and let get cold. Place in a bowl, season with four tablespoons dressing (No. 863), mix well and serve.