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Cream of Fresh Mushrooms

Salmon, Valois Potatoes, Lisbonne

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Sweetbreads, Senora Diaz

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Iced Pudding, Fontainebleau

1850. Cream Of Fresh Mushrooms

Wash in plenty cold water three-quarters of a pound fresh mushrooms, drain on a cloth and finely slice them. Heat one ounce butter in a large saucepan, add the mushrooms and gently fry ten minutes, occasionally stirring meanwhile. Lift them from pan with a skimmer and pound to a pulp in a mortar. Add two and a half ounces flour to the mushroom butter in pan; stir with wooden spoon while heating two minutes. Moisten with a quart and a half broth (No. 701) and a pint milk, add mushrooms with a medium, sliced white onion, two branches parsley, one branch chervil, a teaspoon salt, two saltspoons cayenne pepper and a saltspoon grated nutmeg; mix well until it comes to a boil. Let boil thirty-five minutes. Dilute two egg yolks with two gills cream and juice of a quarter of a lemon, add it to the soup with half ounce good butter, mix while heating without boiling five minutes. Remove, strain cream through a sieve into a basin, then through a cheesecloth into a soup tureen and serve.

1851. Salmon, Valois

Place three slices fresh salmon of three-quarters of a pound each in a frying pan, add a half ounce butter, half gill white wine, a gill demi-glace (No. 122), two branches parsley, half teaspoon salt and saltspoon cayenne. Cover fish with lightly buttered paper, then boil on range five minutes. Set in oven twenty-five minutes. Remove, lift up fish with skimmer, place on a hot dish; boil sauce for five minutes. Lightly roll six freshly opened oysters (if at hand) in flour and plunge in boiling fat three minutes, take them up, drain on a cloth, sprinkle a little salt over, arrange around fish, as well as half a small bunch fresh fried parsley. Strain sauce over fish and serve.

1852. Potatoes, Lisbonne

Peel and wash twelve even-sized, new, sound potatoes and keep in cold water until required. Finely slice one medium, white onion, place in a saucepan with tablespoon melted butter and fry ten minutes, stirring once in a while; add one teaspoon flour, stir well, add three crushed fresh red tomatoes, a sprig thyme, one clove, one bay leaf, one gill broth, half teaspoon salt and three saltspoons white pepper. Mix well and let boil twenty minutes. Strain sauce into another saucepan, drain and add potatoes, cover pan and set in oven forty minutes. Remove, pour into a dish and serve.

1853. Sweetbreads, Senora Diaz

Blanch and trim six heart sweetbreads (No. 33). Cut twenty-four pieces raw ham one inch long by a sixth of an inch thick, then with a larding needle insert the strips of ham through the sweetbreads. Line bottom of a frying pan with a sliced white onion, one sliced leek and two sliced branches celery, add half ounce butter and lightly fry five minutes. Lay breads on top. Season with half teaspoon salt, saltspoon cayenne pepper and three saltspoons curry powder. Moisten with three-quarters pint of broth (No. 701). Cover breads with buttered paper and set in a lively oven thirty-five minutes. Have six tartlet crusts (No. 161). Remove breads from oven, place one in each tartlet on a dish, cut six sweet Spanish peppers in half and lightly fry in a teaspoon butter two minutes on each side, then arrange them on top of the breads and keep hot. Mix in a small saucepan a tablespoon melted butter with a tablespoon flour. Strain the sweetbread gravy into this pan, add a half gill cream and two ounces peeled and lightly browned sweet almonds, mix well and let boil ten minutes, pour sauce over sweetbreads and serve.

1854. Iced Pudding, Fontatnebleau

Prepare a quart of coffee ice cream (No. 1616). Press quarter pound candied marrons through a sieve into the coffee ice cream, add also three slices candied pineapple cut in quarter-inch pieces, six candied marrons cut in quarters, and two tablespoons good Jamaica rum. Mix thoroughly with spatula. Line a dome-shaped quart mould with a sheet of white paper, then fill up with the coffee preparation. Tightly cover and bury it in tub with plenty of ice and rock salt to freeze one hour. Remove, wipe all around, unmould it on a cold dish with a folded napkin over, lift up the paper. Arrange twelve large, fresh, well-picked strawberries around the pudding and serve.