Celery (86) Olives

Mulligatawny, Mudlear-Chandra

Kingfish Saute, Colbert (120) Potatoes, Chateau (208)

Chicken Saute\ Maryland (444)

Brussels Sprouts with Brown Butter

Roast Ribs of Beef (126) Sliced Tomatoes (461)

Gateau, Emma

2882. Mulligatawny, Mudlear-Chandra

Lift up breasts from a good fat grouse and keep on a plate. Draw, remove head and feet, then cut everything in small pieces. Place them in roasting pan with a sliced each carrot and onion, two sliced branches celery, a blade each thyme and marjoram, a bay leaf, clove, teaspoon each allspice and whole black pepper, pour two tablespoons lard over all and set in oven for twenty-five minutes, stirring once in a while. Remove, place entire contents of pan in mortar and thoroughly pound it. Transfer to a saucepan, add a pound veal bones and two branches each parsley and chervil. Moisten with three and a half quarts water, two gills demi-glace (No. 122), season with two teaspoons salt, and let gently boil for one and a half hours. Cut two sound onions, one seedless green pepper and two leeks into small squares, place in a saucepan with a tablespoon melted butter and fry for five minutes. Cut breasts in small pieces and add to soup, cook for five minutes, add one and a half teaspoons curry powder and mix well. Strain broth through a cheesecloth into this pan, lightly mix, then boil for twenty minutes.

Add two ounces raw rice, one peeled and cored apple cut in small pieces, let gently boil for forty-five minutes, skim fat from surface, pour into a soup tureen and serve.

2883. Brussels Sprouts With Brown Butter

Carefully remove all outer stale leaves of a quart fresh Brussels sprouts, wash in two different changes of water, then plunge into a quart boiling water with a teaspoon salt and boil for twenty minutes. Drain on a sieve and place in saucepan with a small piece of butter, season with a half teaspoon salt and two saltspoons pepper, gently toss, then dress on a vegetable dish. Place an ounce butter in a black frying pan, shuffle pan on fire until butter attains a nice brown colour, then pour it over sprouts and serve.

2884. Gateau, Emma

Peel four juicy mandarins, remove silky skins as well as seeds, place in bowl with a tablespoon powdered sugar and two tablespoons curacoa, gently turn in seasoning and let infuse until required. Peel three sound sweet pears, cut in halves, remove seeds, then cut in slices; place in a bowl with a tablespoon sugar and two tablespoons Swiss kirsch, mix well and keep till required. Line the interior of a lightly buttered pie plate with a thin layer of feuilletage (No. 756), then with pastry pincers pinch the edges of pie all around. Spread two tablespoons raspberry marmalade at bottom of plate, then neatly arrange mandarins and pears alternately all around at bottom and set in oven to bake for twenty-five minutes. Remove, beat whites of three eggs to a stiff froth, add tablespoon sugar and six drops vanilla essence, mix well, then spread preparation over fruit. Sprinkle over one ounce finely chopped, peeled almonds and one tablespoon powdered sugar, reset in oven for ten minutes, remove, dress cake on a dish with folded napkin and serve either hot or cold.