Grape Fruit (130) Semolina (192)

Omelette, Bonne Femme

Yellow Perch, Tartare Mutton Chops (49)

Potatoes, Garfield (1843)

Rice Flannel Cakes (221)

2879. Omelette, Bonne Femme

Crack eight fresh eggs in a bowl, add a half gill milk, half teaspoon salt, two saltspoons white pepper, and sharply beat up with fork for two minutes. Cut an ounce lean, raw bacon into small square pieces, finely chop half a medium-sized white onion and cut a slice of sandwich bread into quarter-inch squares. Place onions and bacon in a frying pan with a tablespoon melted butter and fry for five minutes, then add bread and fry until a light brown colour, tossing meanwhile. Drop in eggs, briskly stir with fork for two minutes and let rest for half a minute; fold up opposite sides to meet in centre, let rest for a minute, turn on a hot dish and serve.

2880. Yellow Perch, Tartare

Scale, cut off fins and neatly wipe six medium-sized yellow perch. Season with a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon pepper, rub with a little oil, then broil over a brisk charcoal fire for six minutes on each side. Remove, place on hot dish, decorate with a little parsley greens, six quarters lemon, and serve with a tartare sauce (No. 48) separately.


Consomme in Cups (52) Marinaded Frogs' Legs, Fried (2126) Corned Beef and Spinach Pineapple Fritters with Maraschino (1186)

2881. Corned Beef And Spinach

Place a three-pound piece naval corned beef in a saucepan with two carrots, an onion having two cloves stuck in it, two leeks, two branches celery, a sprig thyme, one. bay leaf, and pour in cold water to twice the height of the beef. Season with a teaspoon pepper, cover pan, let come to a boil over a brisk fire, shift pan to a corner of range and let simmer three hours. Thirty-five minutes before expiration of the three hours add six unpeeled, well-washed raw potatoes. Dress a spinach (No. 247) on a large hot dish, cut beef in thin slices and arrange over it. Remove and peel potatoes, arrange around dish and serve.