Baked Apples (44) Oatmeal Porridge (2)

Poached Eggs, Celery Sauce

Yellow Perch, Sautd

Broiled Devilled Ham (451) Baked Potatoes (683)

Rice Cakes (221)

970. Poached Eggs, Celery Sauce

Cut four branches well cleaned white celery into very small square pieces; place in'a saucepan with half pint water and half teaspoon salt and boil for twenty minutes. Mix in another pan one tablespoon butter with one and a half tablespoons flour. Add the celery and liquor, with half gill cream. Season with saltspoon cayenne pepper and half salt-spoon grated nutmeg, mix well for one minute and let boil for four minutes.

Prepare twelve poached eggs on toast (No. 106), pour over the sauce and serve.

971. Yellow Perch, Saute

Scale, trim and wipe six small, very fresh yellow perch. Season with a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon white pepper, lightly wet with milk, then roll in flour. Heat one and a half tablespoons butter in frying pan, add the perch, one beside another, and fry for six minutes on each side or till a nice golden colour. Remove, dress on a hot dish, squeeze over the juice of half a sound lemon and pour the butter from the pan over the fish and serve.


Oysters, Ancienne Lamb Fries, Poulette

Lima Beans (353) Rice au Lait de Cocoa

972. Oysters, Ancienne

Open twenty-four large, fresh, salty oysters, detach from but leave in shells with their own liquor. Place on a roasting tin; season with half teaspoon salt and half teaspoon paprika, equally divided. Cut twenty-four thin pieces lean bacon in one-inch square pieces. Place one piece on top of each oyster. Sprinkle a tablespoon Parmesan cheese over all, set to bake in the oven for fifteen minutes, remove, squeeze the juice of half a small lemon over them, place on a hot dish and serve.

973. Lamb Fries, Poulette

Split in two and skin twelve small, very fresh lamb fries; plunge in quart boiling water for five minutes. Drain and cut each half in two. Heat in saucepan one and a half tablespoons melted butter, add six finely chopped shallots and cook for five minutes. Mix in two level tablespoons flour. Moisten with one gill white broth (No. 701) and half gill cream; mix for half minute then add the fries. Season with half teaspoon salt, two saltspoons cayenne pepper, a saltspoon grated nutmeg and half teaspoon chopped chives; lightly mix, pour in a tablespoon sherry, mix again and let boil for five minutes. Dilute an egg yolk in a tablespoon cream and add to the saucepan, stir while heating for a minute, pour into a deep dish and serve.

974. Rice Au Lait De Cocoa

Take out the milk from two good-sized cocoanuts and place in a saucepan with a pint cold milk, adding the well shredded fibres - the white part - of one only, with three ounces raw rice, two ounces sugar, a teaspoon vanilla essence and a saltspoon salt. Set the pan on the fire and let slowly cook for forty minutes, frequently mixing at the bottom with a wooden spoon to prevent burning. Crack in one fresh egg, stir while heating for one minute. Remove, add two gills vanilla whipped cream (No. 337). Thoroughly mix and serve.