Procure ten pounds currants or Sultana raisins, lay on table and, should they be damp, dredge a little flour over to prevent adhering to the hands. Briskly rub, place on a fine wire sieve and shake well for three minutes, so as to have them completely free from flour and stalks. Lay sieve with fruits in a large dishpan, fill up to level of sieve with hot water, stir well with skimmer for five minutes, lift up sieve and let drain for four minutes.

Cover an iron pan with a sheet of brown paper, drop contents over, well spread out, then set in a rather slow oven for ten minutes. Remove, lay in warmest place on kitchen shelf and let dry for fully two days. Lay on a table and carefully remove stones, sand, stalks, or any other element except the perfect fruit, place in a tin box, tightly cover, keep in a cool place and use as required.

[The above important articles are so frequently required for pastry purposes, etc., that I consider it advisable to prepare a larger amount than required for one occasion, as they will remain in good condition for six months when properly kept.]