Sift on table two pounds best quality thoroughly ripe flour, place half in a bowl sufficiently large to hold six or seven quarts and carefully make a fountain in centre of it. Place a half-ounce cake very fresh, firm, cold compressed yeast in bowl, pour over a half pint lukewarm water and thoroughly dissolve with hand for two and a half minutes. Pour into fountain, mix a little, gradually incorporate flour for five minutes and sharply knead all well together for six minutes. Cover bowl with a dry cloth, then lay vessel in a warm place of 80 degrees temperature to rise during the night (or at least two and a half to three hours) without touching it. The sponge will then have risen to double size, fallen, risen again, and be in proper condition for dough.

N. B. In using flour for making any kind of bread always remember never to employ flour when cold or warm - that is to say, it should be in a place of 60 degrees temperature at least twelve hours before using it.

3283. Dough For French Bread

Place in a bowl a half pint lukewarm water or the same quantity lukewarm milk, a half ounce salt, and dissolve for a minute. Uncover bowl, pour water on sponge, thoroughly knead the whole well together for six minutes, add little by little the remaining pound of flour, briskly and constantly kneading meanwhile. The kneading operation after the flour has been added should continue for twenty-five to thirty minutes. Lift up dough with the hands and knock it as hard as you can against bottom of vessel ten different times, immediately cover vessel with dry cloth, put in warm place of same temperature as before (80 degrees) and allow to rise for two and a half hours again.