Remove cloth from vessel, transfer dough to a lightly floured table and cut in two even pieces. With the hands roll and press out each piece in ball shape for four .minutes, shift them to corner of table, cover with a dry cloth and let rest for ten minutes, being careful to avoid draughts. Then neatly roll out one piece with hands evenly to four inches and let rest for two minutes, then roll it out round to seventeen inches long.

Have a board eighteen inches square. Arrange over it a piece of dry duck cloth the length of board, and eight inches wide, and flute cloth on both sides two and a half inches high and three inches wide. Carefully lay the loaf-shape dough in section or "bed," cover it with a dry cloth or a lightly buttered piece of paper, and place in a temperature of 80 degrees to rise for one hour. It should rise to double its size by that time.

3286. How To Bake The French Loaf (Jocko)

Shortly before time for baking bread be very careful to see oven is at proper degree of heat. A very simple way to determine whether the heat is right or not is to place a piece of white paper in oven, close door, and after a lapse of five minutes open door and remove paper. If it is a dark-brown colour the temperature is right, if it burns it is too hot and should be cooled a little, and if it is only a light brown colour it should be made hotter.

Remove covering from French loaf. Have a low-edged baking pan large enough to easily hold loaf placed alongside the board, then carefully turn over loaf into pan by means of the cloth without touching the dough with the hands. If loaf is not in exactly straight position in pan use a piece of pasteboard to straighten it, then with a small, keen knife make four or five rapid diagonal half-inch-deep incisions at equal distances on top.