Carefully roll out the other piece of dough evenly with hands to eight inches, let rest for two minutes, then roll it out round to twenty-two inches long and sprinkle a little cornmeal flour over surface to prevent sticking to pan. With an ordinary rolling-pin, twenty-four inches long by half an inch in diameter, briskly press down dough in centre from end to end to depth of half the dough, leaving one-half intact, then carefully turn pin three or four times. Take up pin and firmly join both ends, giving it a pretty ring shape. Have a lightly buttered tin pan, carefully place ring in pan, split side down, cover with a dry cloth or piece of buttered paper, and also lay in a place of 80 degrees temperature to rise for one hour.

3287. How To Bake The Ring (Couronne)

Have a pie plate or round roasting pan large enough to easily hold ring, remove cloth from ring, gently and carefully turn it upside down (split side up) in the pan and immediately place both in oven to bake for about an hour, or until a nice golden colour. Avoid opening oven door until twenty minutes after bread has been set in oven. After baking for thirty minutes turn bread over; if bottom is white, that is, if it has not attained a good colour, turn upside down and leave in that position for balance of time, then remove and serve.