Prepare same amount of sponge and dough exactly the same as for French loaf and ring (Nos. 3282 and 3283). When the "ready" dough is transferred and rolled out on floured table cut it in twenty-four equal parts instead of two. Roll out with hands into ball shape, cover with a dry cloth and let rest for four minutes, being careful to avoid draughts.

3289. How To Shape French Rolls

Have same board as used for French loaf standing by. Place on it a duck cloth considerably longer than board, and flute in sections two inches apart and two inches high. Dredge a very little cornmeal flour over twelve of the balls only, lay rolling-pin crosswise over one of the balls right in centre, and with both hands press down to about three-quarters the height of roll. Carefully roll pin around two or three times, being careful to leave a quarter of bottom intact. Lay roll very carefully in a section of the cloth, split side down, and proceed with eleven more in the same manner, taking care to keep them about one inch apart from one another in the sections.

3290. How To Shape Fluttes (Pistolets)

Take one of the remaining twelve balls, with the hands roll and press it out to four and a half inches long and round pointed at both ends, and arrange it in a section of the fluted cloth. Finish the other remaining eleven in same way, place in sections, also keeping them an inch apart from one another. Cover with a dry cloth or buttered paper and place them in a temperature of 80 degrees to rise for forty-five minutes.

3291. How To Bake Rolls And Fluttes

After allowing rolls and fluttes to rise for forty-five minutes, in which time they ought to have doubled in size if temperature was right, remove cloth. Have a baking pan alongside board, take up rolls from their bed with a piece of pasteboard and turn into baking pan, split side up, keeping them an inch apart from one another. Sprinkle a very little cornmeal flour over fluttes, carefully transfer with a piece of pasteboard from fluted cloth into baking dish with rolls, keeping them also one inch from one another, then with a small sharp knife make three light diagonal incisions on top of twelve fluttes only, set in oven to bake for half an hour, or until they attain a nice golden colour, remove and serve.

N. B. If desired, French loaf and ring, rolls and fluttes can all be prepared at same time - that is, one loaf, one ring, twelve each rolls and fluttes - with identical process by simply doubling quantity of each ingredient, using a vessel of double capacity (to easily hold twelve quarts) for sponge, dough, etc., and ready dough cut and rolled out accordingly.