3260. Break a fresh egg, separate white from yolk, place yolk in a schooner glass, add a half teaspoon powdered sugar and thoroughly beat up with spoon. Moisten with a half pony maraschino, pony brandy, fill glass with cracked ice, thoroughly mix for a half minute, strain through strainer into a claret glass and serve.

3261. Place in a large glass six tablespoons cracked ice, a half teaspoon powdered sugar, pour in a half pony red curacao, wineglass Catawba wine, and shake contents for three-quarters of a minute, pour all back into glass without straining and serve with straws.

3262. Have at bottom of a very large glass three sprigs good fresh mint, two teaspoons powdered sugar, then fill with cracked ice and add one sherry wineglass good brandy or whiskey, whichever is preferable. Thoroughly shake, pour all back in glass, arrange three sprigs very fresh mint near edge inside, a slice of orange on top, and serve with straws.

3263. Have in a large glass four heaping tablespoons clean, cracked ice. Squeeze in the juice of a medium-sized, very juicy, sound lemon, add a half teaspoon powdered sugar, one pony glass each of raspberry syrup and Swiss kirsch. Thoroughly shake it with the glass and shaker, strain in a lemonade glass, pour in a bottle cold plain soda, mix well and immediately serve.

3264. Squeeze the juice of a good-sized, sound lemon into a large tumbler, add two teaspoons powdered sugar, one tablespoon syrup of orgeat, two tablespoons St. Croix rum and finely cracked ice, thoroughly mix with a spoon, pour in one bottle cold plain soda, continually mixing with a spoon meanwhile, then strain into a large glass and serve.

3265. Place in a large glass three tablespoons clean, finely cracked ice, squeeze in juice of a good-sized, sound, ripe, red orange, pour in a pony brandy and half pony red curacao. Gradually pour in a bottle cold plain soda, briskly mixing with a long spoon while pouring in, strain through a fine strainer into a large glass and serve.

3266. Place in large glass white of a fresh egg, squeeze in juice of a medium-sized sound lemon, adding a teaspoon fine powdered sugar, thoroughly beat up with spoon, then pour in one and a half ponies Old Tom gin, fill up glass with clean cracked ice, briskly shake with shaker, strain into a large glass, then fill up glass with plain soda, mix well with spoon and serve.

3267. Claret Cup

Mix in a punch bowl a quart claret, two pony glasses each orange curacao and maracshino, half pony glass Jamaica rum and two large tablespoons sugar. Stir well with ladle, add two bottles Club soda, also a large piece ice, fruits in season and serve in fancy wine glasses.

N. B. Nowadays a number of people are more or less averse to using lemon juice in cups, but if desired the juice of a sound lemon can be added.

3268. Cup Champagne

Mix in punch bowl a quart champagne, two pony glasses each curacao (white) and maraschino, half pony best brandy and one or two bottles Club soda. Stir slowly with ladle, add a large piece of ice, also fruits in season, and serve in fancy wine glasses.

3268a. One Quart Champagne Cup, No. 2

Place in bottom of a pitcher the juice of a lemon, a sliced orange, some small pieces pineapple, two sprays mint and the rind of a cucumber. Pour over one bottle plain soda and allow to infuse for fifteen minutes. Half fill the pitcher with ice, add two tablespoons pulverized sugar, two sherry glasses red curacao and a quart champagne (to be opened at the table), stir well with ladle and serve in fancy wine glasses.