(l2 milk fluttes and 12 doughnuts)

Break two fresh eggs in a bowl, gradually add a pint boiled milk (made lukewarm before using it), gently beat up with a fork for two minutes, then add two ounces fine sugar, two teaspoons salt, one and a half teaspoons vanilla essence (No. 3236), and mix the whole well together for two minutes. Add a pint ferment, made lukewarm in a bain-marie (double pan) in cold weather and used cold in hot weather. A saltspoon powdered cinnamon can be added if desired, which will give a fine additional flavour.

Place in a dishpan three pounds thoroughly ripe, best quality sifted flour, make a wide fountain in centre of flour, then pour brewing into fountain. Briskly mix with the hand and gradually incorporate flour for six minutes, then sharply knead for twenty-five to thirty minutes. Lift up with hands and vigorously knock it against bottom of pan about ten times, carefully cover pan with a dry cloth and place in a warm place to rise during the night. Lightly flour table, remove dough from vessel, place on floured table and briskly work for ten minutes, sprinkling a little flour over once in a while. Divide dough into four equal parts, carefully roll out to ball shape, cover and let rest for ten minutes, avoiding draughts.

3294. How To Shape Milk Rings ("Couronnes")

Take up a ball and with the thumb make a hole in centre of dough. Rapidly turn hand around ball until open space is enlarged to four inches, the ring of equal size all around, and lay it on a lightly buttered baking pan. Prepare another in exactly same manner, cover all with a dry cloth and place for an hour in a temperature of 80 degrees to rise.

3295. How To Bake Milk Rings ("Couronnes")

Beat up an egg in a bowl with three tablespoons milk, then with a small hair pastry brush lightly glaze surface of the two rings and with a pair of scissors or a small sharp knife make a few double incisions on surface of each ring all around. Set in oven to bake for an hour, being careful not to open oven door for twenty minutes. Carefully watch and see that it is equally baked all around, remove and serve.

3296. How To Shape The Milk Fluttes

Roll and gently press out another ball, with a cutter divide in twelve equal pieces, and with the hands roll each piece into nice round shape, cover, let rest for ten minutes, then roll out each piece to five inches long and pointed at both ends. Place in a lightly buttered baking pan, and with pastry brush lightly glaze surface of each with beaten-up egg, etc. Carefully make three small diagonal incisions with scissors or a small sharp knife, cover with a dry cloth and place for an hour in a temperature of 80 degrees to rise.

3297. How To Bake The Fluttes

After lapse of an hour remove cloth and immediately set in oven to bake for thirty minutes, or until they have attained a nice golden colour all around, remove and serve.

3298. Doughnuts

With a rolling-pin roll and spread out the last ball of dough to one-eighth-inch thickness. With a doughnut cutter cut out twelve pieces, place on tin, cover with a dry cloth and allow to rise in a warm place for thirty minutes. Arrange in a frying basket, fry in boiling fat until a nice golden colour on both sides, turning over once in a while, remove, thoroughly drain, dredge a little powdered sugar over and serve.