Gooseberries and Cream

Boiled Grits (131)

Fried Eggs, Biarritz

Broiled Bluefish, Maitre d'Hotel (326)

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Kummel Cakes (1691)

2169. Gooseberries And Cream

Pick off stems, thoroughly wash and carefully drain on a cloth a quart fresh, sound, large gooseberries. Place on a compotier. Sprinkle two tablespoons powdered sugar over, lightly mix. Whisk one and a half gills cream till well thickened but not quite to a froth, adding two tablespoons sugar; whisk for a minute, pour it over the gooseberries and serve.

2170. Fried Eggs, Biarritz

Cut from a stale loaf of sandwich bread six slices quarter of an inch thick, lightly trim off crusts, dip in milk, then in beaten egg. Heat one and a half tablespoons melted butter in a frying pan, add the slices of toast, one beside another, and fry three minutes on each side. Remove, place on a hot dish.

Broil six very thin slices raw ham one minute on each side, arrange a slice on top of each slice of toast. Heat in a small black frying pan a teaspoon melted butter, crack in one fresh egg and fry three minutes, then lift up with a skimmer and lay over toast. Prepare five more in a similar way. Season equally with a very little salt and white pepper and serve.


Cutlets of Crabs

Galantine of Fowl (1880)

Sliced Tomatoes (461)

Peach Pie (39)

2171. Cutlets Of Crabs

Heat one ounce butter in a saucepan, add one finely chopped small white onion and gently brown three minutes; add two ounces flour, stir while heating one minute, then pour in one and a half gills cream; sharply mix until it comes to a boil, then add a half teaspoon freshly chopped parsley, half a bean chopped garlic, one tablespoon Worcestershire sauce, half teaspoon French mustard, half teaspoon salt, one saltspoon cayenne pepper, one saltspoon grated nutmeg and two egg yolks. Sharply mix with whisk while cooking two minutes. Add then one and a half pounds fresh crab meat flakes, carefully mix with wooden spoon without mashing the meat; heat well two minutes. Transfer the preparation to a dish and let cool off. Then divide in six equal parts, roll out to cutlet-shaped forms, dip in beaten egg, then roll in bread crumbs, place in a wire frying basket and fry in boiling fat ten minutes. Drain well, arrange on a hot dish with a folded napkin, decorate with parsley greens and serve with one gill of tomato sauce separately.