Baked Apples (44) Hominy (75)

Fried Eggs, Mouquin

Perch Saute, Fines Herbes (293)

Beef Saute, Lyonnaise Julienne Potatoes (709)

Orange Griddle Cakes (1984)

2336. Fried Eggs, Mouquin

Cut from a Virginia ham six thin slices, arrange on a broiler and broil on a charcoal fire one minute on each side. Remove and keep on a plate. Cut from a stale loaf of sandwich bread six slices one-third of an inch in thickness; then cut them two inches in diameter, lightly baste with a little good melted butter, place on a tin, set in oven six minutes, or till a nice golden colour. Remove, dress on a hot dish. Cut ham same size as the slices of toast and arrange the pieces on top of the toast.

Lightly butter a small black frying pan, crack in one fresh egg. Season with a very little salt and pepper, and fry three minutes, slide the egg on top of one piece of ham. Prepare five more in a similar way. Pour half the quantity of a Bordelaise sauce (No. 28) over the eggs and serve.

2337. Beef Saute, Lyonnaise

Cut all the meat from the roast beef left over from yesterday in half-inch-square pieces. Heat two tablespoons melted butter or lard in a black frying pan, add two finely sliced onions and lightly fry five minutes, then add the beef. Season with a light teaspoon salt and half teaspoon pepper. Cook ten minutes, tossing once in a while, then add half teaspoon freshly chopped parsley, sprinkle over a tablespoon flour.

Stir well, then pour in two tablespoons vinegar and two gills broth (No. 701). Mix well and cook ten minutes, mixing quite frequently meanwhile. Pour in a deep dish and serve.


Cold Celery Broth (1985)

Soft Clams, Vaudeville (932)

Devilled Lamb Steaks (910)

Georgia Salad

Old-fashioned Rice Pudding (140)

2338. Georgia Salad

Cut in inch julienne shape two cold, boiled potatoes, two cooked, cold beetroots, one small sound onion and two peeled and cored sound apples. Place in a salad bowl, adding three tablespoons cooked, cold string beans, cut in inch pieces. Remove skin and bones from a small smoked herring, then cut in very small square pieces and add to the rest. Pour in four tablespoons dressing (No. 863). Carefully mix. and serve.