Sliced Pineapples (407)

Rice Flour (464) Sailors' Omelette

Codfish Steaks, Meuniere (240)

Veal Cutlets, Tomato Sauce (55)

Hashed Brown Potatoes (50)

Cornmeal Muffins (51)

2702. Sailors' Omelette

Lightly rub inside of a bowl with a bean garlic, then carefully crack in eight fresh eggs. Add a half teaspoon each anchovy essence and salt, a saltspoon cayenne, half teaspoon chopped parsley, and sharply beat up with a fork for two minutes. Remove skin and bones from a twoounce piece smoked salmon, cut it in quarter-inch-square pieces, place in frying pan with two tablespoons melted butter and fry for five minutes, tossing well meanwhile. Drop in eggs, mix with fork for two minutes, then let rest for half minute; fold up opposite sides to meet in centre, let rest for a minute, turn on hot dish and serve.


Soft Clams, Vaudeville (932)

Shoulder of Mutton, Bon-Veillard

Floating Island (1514)

2702 A. Shoulder Of Mutton, Bon-Veillard

Procure a tender, fat shoulder mutton, entirely bone it, season all over with a good teaspoon salt, half teaspoon pepper, roll up shoulder and tie with strings. Place some trimmings of larding pork in a small roasting pan, lay shoulder on top, baste it with a tablespoon melted butter, set in oven for thirty minutes, turning shoulder and basting with a little hot water once in a while. Remove and place shoulder in a baking dish. Finely slice two medium, white onions, place in frying pan with fat of shoulder pan and cook for ten minutes, tossing once in a while. Add four medium, finely sliced, peeled raw potatoes to the onions, season with a teaspoon salt and cook for fifteen minutes more, frequently tossing meanwhile. Arrange potatoes around shoulder on dish, pour a little melted butter over all, set in the oven for thirty-five minutes more, remove, untie shoulder and immediately send to the table.