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Potage, Auvergnat

Boudins of Pickerel, Volga

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2703. Potage, Auvergnat

Thoroughly heat two tablespoons lard in a saucepan, add two finely sliced leeks, one sliced onion and two ounces salt pork cut in small pieces, set pan on fire and cook for ten minutes, frequently stirring meanwhile. Add one crushed bean garlic and two branches parsley, stir well, add three sliced, peeled raw potatoes, a pint fresh, crushed tomatoes and half pint lentils previously boiled in water for ten minutes, pour in a quart broth (No. 701) and one and a half quarts water, season with a teaspoon salt, half teaspoon pepper, add two bay leaves, mix well, cover pan and let simmer on corner of range for two hours, occasionally mixing meanwhile. Remove, pour soup through sieve into a basin, then through strainer into a saucepan, add half ounce good butter, one gill milk, and mix potage on range with wooden spoon while cooking for five minutes. Pour puree into a soup tureen, adding bread croutons (No. 23) and serve.

2704. Boudins Of Pickerel, Volga

Neatly trim skin and bones from a small three-pound pickerel, cut the perfect meat in small pieces, and place it in mortar with one whole egg. Thoroughly pound for two minutes, add one egg yolk, pound again for two minutes more, add another, sharply pound again, then finally add bread panada (No. 1795), another egg yolk, and briskly pound for five minutes, or until smooth. Remove paste from mortar and rub it through a wire sieve into a large bowl, set bowl on broken ice, add to force one teaspoon salt, two saltspoons cayenne, one finely chopped truffle, two tablespoons sherry, and sharply stir with wooden spoon for five minutes. Divide preparation in twelve even parts, roll each part on a lightly floured table to egg form, lightly flatten with knife blade, arrange boudins in a sautoire, cover with hot water, add a teaspoon salt and boil for two minutes. Lift up and drain on a cloth, dip in beaten eggs, then roll them in bread crumbs. Thoroughly heat two tablespoons butter in frying pan, arrange the boudins in and fry for five minutes on each side.

Remove, dress on a dish with folded napkin, decorate with a little parsley greens, and serve with Hollandaise vert-pre sauce separately.

2705. Sauce Hollandaise, Vert-Pre

Have two and a half ounces butter, fresh if possible, or salted, thoroughly wash it in cold, fresh water, divide in two even parts, and place half in a bowl to lightly melt on range shelf. Place in a mortar two well-washed branches parsley, one branch chervil, one peeled shallot and six watercress leaves. Thoroughly pound these herbs till quite smooth, then add the unused butter, pound again for one minute, then press butter through fine sieve into a bowl.

Place in a small saucepan two egg yolks, one tablespoon vinegar and one teaspoon lemon juice. Place pan on corner of range, sharply whisk for five minutes, and gradually pour in drop by drop the melted butter. When the melted butter is all dropped in add also little by little the green butter and briskly whisk while adding both. Remove to table, mix for three minutes longer, press sauce through a cloth into bowl and serve.

2706. Venison Steaks, Vigneron

Procure six four-ounce, tender venison steaks, place them in an earthen jar with a sliced onion, bean crushed garlic, sprig each thyme and marjoram, blade mace, bay leaf, clove, branch parsley and branch chervil. Pour in enough claret to just cover the steaks, season with a teaspoon salt, half teaspoon pepper and teaspoon fresh crushed allspice. Cover pan and let infuse over night, if possible, or as long as you can. Forty-five minutes before serving lift up, wipe and keep them on a plate. Place marinade in saucepan and let reduce on open fire to half the quantity, strain gravy through a cheesecloth into another saucepan, add three tablespoons currant jelly, a gill tomato sauce (No. 16), mix well and let boil for fifteen minutes, then keep hot. Pick off grapes from a pound of white grapes, place in frying pan with a tablespoon melted butter, briskly fry for five minutes and keep hot. Lightly roll steaks in a tablespoon oil, arrange on a broiler and cook over a lively fire for five minutes on each side, dress on a large, hot dish, arrange grapes around, pour sauce over and serve.