Little Neck Clams (1457)

Celery (86) Canapes of Caviare (59)

Puree, Parmentier

Trout, Meuniere (1293) Potatoes, Vauban (946)

Veal Cutlets, Oswald Spinach, Martha

Roast Guinea Fowls Chicory Salad (38)

Choux Pralines

1532. Puree, Parmentier

Heat in a saucepan one tablespoon butter, add one finely minced onion, six sliced leeks, half pound lean salt pork cut into small pieces, and brown for ten minutes. Add then ten medium, peeled and washed potatoes cut into slices, moisten with three quarts water, season with a teaspoon salt, half teaspoon pepper and a saltspoon grated nutmeg; lightly mix. Cover the pan, boil for five minutes, then set in the oven for one hour and thirty minutes. Remove, press it through a sieve into a basin, replace it in the saucepan, let come to a boil, then add half pint of milk, half gill cream and half ounce fresh butter. Mix well while heating for five minutes, pour into a soup tureen and serve with a plate of bread croutons (No. 23) separately.

1533. Veal Cutlets, Oswald

Finely chop up one and a half pounds raw lean veal with four ounces fresh beef marrow, place in a mortar, add one finely chopped bean garlic, a half teaspoon finely chopped parsley, one teaspoon curry powder, half teaspoon salt, two saltspoons cayenne pepper, a saltspoon grated nutmeg, a half gill cream and two egg yolks; pound all well together for five minutes. Remove from the mortar, divide the preparation into six even parts, roll them out on a lightly floured table to cutlet forms, then dip them in beaten egg and roll in finely shredded cocoanut.

Heat two tablespoons melted butter in a frying pan, place the cutlets one beside another and gently cook for eight minutes on each side. Remove, dress on a dish and keep hot. Plunge two green peppers into boiling water for three minutes, remove and peel, cut in halves, remove the seeds, then fry them in a tablespoon melted butter for two minutes on each side. Lift them up with a fork and arrange over the veal cutlets. Cut three slices of peeled eggplant in quarter-inch-square pieces and add them to the pan in which the peppers were cooked; brown them for six minutes, add two tablespoons sherry, one gill demi-glace (No. 122), two saltspoons salt and one saltspoon cayenne pepper; mix well, boil for five minutes, pour the sauce over the cutlets, sprinkle a little chopped parsley over and serve.

1534. Spinach, Martha

Trim off the stalks of three quarts of fresh spinach, discarding the stale leaves if any. Thoroughly wash and rapidly drain, plunge them in a gallon of boiling water with a tablespoon salt and boil for ten minutes. Take them up with a skimmer, drain on a sieve, press out all the water, and chop very finely, then place them in a saucepan. Cut three slices of sandwich bread in one-third-inch square pieces and place on a plate, pour over them a tablespoon of vinegar, then brown them in a small frying pan with a tablespoon melted butter to a good golden colour and add them to the spinach, with two hard-boiled eggs cut into eight pieces each, half an ounce butter, a half teaspoon salt, half teaspoon sugar, one saltspoon grated nutmeg and a half gill cream. Mix well with a wooden spoon and cook for ten minutes, lightly mixing once in a while, dress on a vegetable dish and serve.

1535. Roast Guinea Fowls

Singe, draw, cut off heads and feet from two small, tender guinea fowls; neatly truss, season equally with a teaspoon salt, a half teaspoon white pepper and two saltspoons ground allspice. Cover the breasts with very thin slices of larding pork. Lay in a roasting pan, pour a half gill of water into the pan, then set in oven to roast for forty minutes, turning and basting once in a while. Remove, dress on a hot dish, untruss, decorate with a little watercress, skim the fat from the gravy, pour over the birds and serve.

1536. Choux Pralines

Prepare a pate-a-choux (No. 336). Slide a tube half an inch in diameter at the bottom of a pastry bag, then drop in the pate-a-choux and carefully press the paste down into a pastry sheet, in six equal cakes two inches high. Finely chop two ounces shelled almonds and sprinkle over the cakes. With the blade of a small knife very lightly press the almonds in the cake on the surface, set the pan in a moderate oven for twenty-five minutes, remove and let cool off for ten minutes. Then with the point of a knife make an incision at one side of each cake, fill each cavity with a vanilla whipped cream (No. 337), sprinkle a little powdered sugar over, dress on a dish and serve.