Stewed Prunes (1) Quaker Oats (105)

Eggs Cocotte, Champfitre

Kippered Herrings (153)

Calves' Brains, Brown Butter (2258)

Grilled Potatoes (1344)

Orange Cakes (1984)

2707. Eggs Cocotte, Champetre

Slit on both sides twelve good-sized Italian chestnuts, place in a roasting pan, roast for twenty-five minutes, remove, shell and peel, place in a saucepan with enough cold milk to cover them, season with two saltspoons salt, one saltspoon cayenne, lightly mix and cook for twenty-five minutes. Remove, press them through a sieve into another small saucepan, add a gill cream and tablespoon sherry, mix well and boil for five minutes. Evenly pour this preparation in six egg-cocotte dishes, crack two fresh eggs in each dish, evenly season with half teaspoon salt and two saltspoons pepper, place cocotte on a tin, set in oven for six minutes, remove and serve.


Tomato Broth (2059)

Lobster Curry, McQuade (489)

Gibelotte of Rabbits Macaroni au Gratin (160)

Golden Toast with Apricots

2708. Gibelotte Of Rabbits

Cut in twelve even pieces one fresh, well-cleaned rabbit, place in stone jar with a sliced onion, two branches parsley, a teaspoon salt, half teaspoon pepper and two gills good vinegar. Mix well, let marinade for two hours, lift up pieces and drain on a cloth. Finely chop one ounce larding pork, place in frying pan, and when thoroughly melted add three ounces salt pork cut in one-third-inch pieces, then brown until a nice golden colour. Take up pieces of bacon with skimmer and keep on a plate. Arrange rabbit pieces in pan, briskly cook for five minutes on each side, sprinkle over two tablespoons flour and stir well. Moisten up to height of pieces with one-third white wine, two-thirds white broth (No. 701), mix well and let boil for ten minutes. Take up pieces with fork, place in saucepan and strain sauce through Chinese strainer over rabbit. Gently brown twelve small white onions in frying pan with a tablespoon lard and add to rabbit with a bean garlic. Tie in a bunch two branches parsley, a branch chervil, sprig thyme, bay leaf, clove, and add to pan. Season with half teaspoon salt and two saltspoons pepper, add bacon, mix well, cover pan and let cook for ten minutes. Add six sliced, peeled, fresh mushrooms and cook for eight minutes.

Take up bouquet and garlic, skim fat from surface, dress on a dish, arrange six heart-shaped bread croutons (No. 90) around and serve.

2709. Golden Toast With Apricots

Open a pint can apricots, strain liquor into a saucepan, cut apricots in thin slices, add an ounce sugar to liquor and let reduce on fire to half the quantity. Pour in a tablespoon each maraschino and Swiss kirsch, add apricots, mix well and keep hot. Cut from a loaf stale French bread twelve slices one-third of an inch thick. Mix in a bowl one fresh egg, a tablespoon sugar, two gills milk and six drops vanilla essence. Thoroughly heat two tablespoons melted butter in a large frying pan, dip the slices of bread in the custard, then lay in pan one beside another and cook for three minutes on each side. Lift up, dress on a dish, pour apricots evenly over them and serve.